Recent Amazon Round Up

I haven’t done an Amazon round-up recently, so I thought I’d share some of my recent purchases today. The really run the gamut from small, impulse buy to bigger things, with a few medical supplies thrown in there too – a really nice assortment!

Amazon Basics Frames
Nothing too exciting – I was looking for silver frames to match some silver mirrors I had on my wall, and these were perfect.

Air Fryer and Toaster Oven
This, on the other hand, was a very exciting purchase! This was a Black Friday/Christmas gift, and it’s been so fun. I’m still trying out air fryer recipes, so send any favorites my way.

Transparent Dressings
This starts the “medical section” of the round up. I’ve been having some issues with my feeding tube, which has required lots of tape that was irritating my skin. These are amazing and waterproof – they’re also great for blisters, burns, etc. (This is the “generic” version of Tegaderm, and they work just as well as the name brand.)

Surgical Masks
I have a lot of fabric masks, but there are certain occasions where I want a surgical, disposable ones. These actually specify that they’re surgical, not just disposable, which is why I picked them.

Sensitive Skin Tape
This, plus the transparent dressings, has really helped keep my skin from being constantly irritated. If you ever need to bandage something up but have sensitive skin, cannot recommend this tape enough.

Medical Gauze
This is the last medical thing on the list. Nothing particularly special about these, except for the fact that they work and they’re inexpensive.

iPad “Magic” Keyboard
I might actually do a whole post about this and my new iPad setup, but I LOVE this keyboard. I’ve had a number of iPad keyboards, but this is the best because it also has a trackpad – it’s the closest anything has come to making my iPad function like a laptop.

Electronic Candle Lighter
I saw this on an Instagram story months ago and had to try it out. It looks weird, but it’s so cool – it’s a replacement for matches or a lighter with fluid. I keep one right by my candles now!

Disabled Toys
I bought these for my friend’s son, to make sure that he has diverse toys to play with. He seemed to like them (from what I could tell via FaceTime…) and he pointed out how the wheelchair was like mine, ha!

Le Pens
These are officially my new favorite pens! They’re felt tipped, which I never thought that I’d like, but they write so well on both regular paper and fancy stationary paper.

Sharp Knife
My new favorite sushi place (Mola, if you live in Pittsburgh) has a roll that’s only available in a “hand roll” (not sliced). It’s too hard for me to eat that way, but our knives were making a mess out of the sushi. Voila, a sushi knife to the rescue!

Genmaicha Tea
Now that I found a green tea that I love, I’m basically obsessed. It’s still my favorite thing to have at night before bed. I think the one from Palais de Thes is still my favorite, but it was sold out, and this is a solid substitute.

Phone Stand
I saw this on TIBAL’s Instagram stories and immediately followed the instructions to swipe up and purchase. It’s one of those things that you don’t “need” but once you have it, you don’t know how you ever lived without it. It makes all the difference hen you have a Zoom call or a virtual doctor’s appointment – there’s no more fumbling to find something to prop your phone on.

You can find and shop all of my purchases below!

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