Shop Black-Owned and Local

Since February is Black History Month, I thought that I’d honor that by sharing some local, Black-owned shops here in Pittsburgh. Some are ones that I’ve personally shopped, and others are ones that I found recently and have added to my shopping lists.

Geode Planter
If I had more of a green thumb, I’d order this geode planter in a heartbeat. I love the mix of chic simplicity and sparkles from the geode and the gold paint trim. This is from Tal & Bert, which I found out about recently and can’t wait to shop from.

Homemade Dog Treats
I have seen Puppuccino Boutique all over my Instagram, and I love the idea of homemade dog treats (made by someone other than me, ha!). These treats are peanut butter and bacon flavored, which I’m certain Lily would be obsessed with.

Statement Earrings
I’ve shared these earrings from Blakbird Jewelry before, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t include them in this post! I have a few pair of earrings from Blakbird and love how they make such a statement while still being simple and dainty in a way, too. I’ve gotten so many compliments on them and can’t wait to add more to my collection.

Ceramic Jars
I only heard about Emmanuelle Ceramics recently, but there are already so many beautiful pieces that I want to buy. How gorgeous are these jars? I especially love the white one, and love that they’re all homemade. If you’re not into decorative jars, they have so many options of plates and dishes too.

Sustainable Pouch
Ending with a personal favorite that I’ve shared many times before – Knotzland! Not only do they sell bow ties, candles, and masks (which I also recommend!) they recently started selling these one-of-a-kind pouches from scraps of their leftover material. I love the idea and love having something that no one else does, too! They’re a great size and I can’t wait until I actually have somewhere to go with mine.

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