Sock It To Me

I don’t know if any of you are like me, but my feet are perpetually cold. It’s an SMA byproduct – my circulation is pretty bad, so my feet will be freezing all the time and can also swell pretty badly. The footrests on my wheelchair can actually raise up and down to help with this, but it’s not perfect, and it’s not always comfortable to have my feet straight out in front of me.

In the winter especially, the cold can get really uncomfortable. I’d often wear a pair of those fuzzy spa socks, but when my feet swell in those it just gets so uncomfortable. So when I came across an ad for Bombas compression socks, I was intrigued.

I’ve tried the more tradition compression stockings before, but have never stuck with them long. They are SO tight that it was actually difficult to get them on my feet comfortably! They worked, but they were not worth the effort it took to get them on and off. They’re also pretty ugly – they are definitely not made for fashion or style!

I’ve been wearing the Bombas compression socks for a few weeks now, and I’m definitely a new fan. They’re like a mix of tradition compression stockings and normal socks – not as tight as compression stockings, but not as loose as regular socks. This combination has been key for me – it’s just the right mix to help keep my feet warm and not swollen without them feeling like they’re completely restricted. They’re taller than regular socks – they need to be, for the compression aspect – on me, they go almost up to my knee, but I’m guessing on most people they’d go up to mid-thigh. They have so many fun pattern options, too! I got this blue pair, and I love that they don’t look medical at all.

I wear mine just lounging around the house, but they’d also be great for traveling (especially flying!) when swelling is something you really need to be concerned with. I’ve worn mine all day long and they never get too tight or uncomfortable. If you’ve ever thought about getting compression stockings but didn’t think you needed something so medical – or if you’re like me and constantly have cold feet – I couldn’t recommend these more!

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