What I’m Grateful For

The nicer, sunnier weather has helped me to be in a much happier, better place lately. But even so, hitting that pandemic wall has felt like a very real thing these last few weeks, and there have been days where I’ve just really felt like I needed a reset. When I hit those days, I try to force a mental shift by making myself focus on the things that I’m grateful for.

I thought that I’d share one of those gratitude lists today! Please note that this isn’t meant to be a fully inclusive list, and that it’s a mix of both bigger things and of smaller, sillier things – sometimes those are the things that make the biggest mental difference.

Heather, a white woman in a power wheelchair, is wearing a black pleated shiny dress and gold flats. She's posing in front of an orange wall that reads "Fantasy America," the new exhibit at The Andy Warhol Museum
Being Vaccinated

Starting the list with the most obvious! Getting the vaccine gave me hope back into my life, which was sorely lacking. I’m grateful for this basically every day right now, both because it’s taken away a lot of fear and stress and because I know how many other people haven’t yet been able to be vaccinated.

Puppy Snuggles

Lily is the best at being affectionate – she wants attention and to be near people always, and she will give you hundreds of kisses to show you how happy she is. Each night before I go to sleep, she curls up right in the crook of my arm and it is the sweetest thing ever.

Starbucks Delivery

I love my Nespresso, but have really missed the ability to walk to Starbucks multiple times a day from my office. A few months ago, though, I realized that I could get Starbucks delivered through UberEats. It’s a luxury for sure, but sometimes I really just am craving my extra dry cappuccino!

Leaving the House

Over the weekend, I went to a very small tour of the new exhibit at The Andy Warhol Museum. It felt so, so good to leave the house and go somewhere other than the doctor! Obviously, I’m still being careful and cautious about COVID (I’m protected, but the evidence isn’t conclusive yet if I could still spread it), but being able to safely socialize was so amazing.

Thoughtful Friends

A few weeks ago, a friend who was taking an online baking class overnighted me some of the cookies she had made. Last week, a friend who knew I was deeply missing Trader Joe’s pancake bread and caramelized onion dip picked some up for me and dropped them off at my house. I’m continually grateful for having such thoughtful friends!

Backyard Wildlife

I absolutely LOVE when the deer stop by the backyard. I have come to view them as friends and have dreams about letting them in my house! It just blows my mind that something wild is so willing to come right up to my door.

What are you feeling grateful for these days? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Leslie Ninness-Judy

    I absolutely LOVE your stories..I have to admit I think I missed a few..
    Glad some of the nice weather we are getting is making you better..
    Still and always ?? for you..❤️

    1. theheatherreportblog

      Thank you!! I really appreciate that you keep reading here! I hope you’re having a chance to enjoy the nicer weather too.

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