Fire Pit Favorites

We broke out the fire pit this past weekend for the season! I have always loved a good backyard bonfire, but this past year has made me appreciate the outdoor space and activities so much more than before. Happily, most of my close friends are now vaccinated, but I’ve actually been enjoying the outdoor hangouts still!

I’ve used the fire pit a lot over the years, and have kind of perfected the fire pit necessities. For me, a good fire pit experience is of course about getting together with friends, but is also about the FOOD! Mountain pies and s’mores are both essentials at a backyard fire. There’s just something about mountain pies that is so nostalgic and comforting to me. And of course, everyone loves a good s’more.

A nice blanket is also really important – it’s so hard to get the perfect distance from the fire where you’re warm but not burning, and a blanket helps that a little bit. And finally, not something that I personally worry about, but – you have to have the right chairs! You want to be at the right height for the fire, and you miiiight want to be able to lean back and take a little nap if the mood strikes!

So I pulled together some of my fire pit favorites below to share today. These are what I consider the essentials.

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