Friday Favorites

I know I talk about the weather all the time, but it SNOWED on Wednesday here. Snowed!! I was super not ready to go back to any sort of winter weather. It was also my sister’s birthday (yay!), and I don’t think that’s exactly what how she wanted to celebrate, but happily the snow is now melted.

I also wanted to thank all of you for your very sweet responses all over social media for my post on Tuesday about starting Evrysdi! It’s so amazing to know how many people are behind me and are so supportive. It sounds kind of silly but it really means so much!

And with that, on to the favorites.

Selma Blair by Keah Brown

I love this interview of Selma Blair by Keah Brown! I love when disabled people interview disabled people – the way disability is covered is really different, and more nuanced. And I really love how Selma talks about clothing and style. It’s just a great interview all around!

Inclusion at AT&T

I love serving on AT&T’s Advisory Panel on Access and Aging. AT&T is highlighting the work they do with accessibility and inclusion, and have asked members of the panel to answer the question “What does inclusion mean to you?”. Check out my answer along with some other really incredible advocates.

Swing T-Shirt Dress

This swingy t-shirt dress from Everlane just looks so perfect. The mockneck gives it a little something, but the rest of it is just the perfect simple, easy t-shirt dress. I love it!

Crip Camp Documentary

It is so incredibly cool that the documentary Crip Camp is Oscar nominated!! If you haven’t seen it yet, definitely watch it – it’s on Netflix, and all about a group of people who went to a summer camp for people with disabilities (and many of whom became really well-known disability activists. I am completely on-board with this writer’s assertion that it should go from being an Oscar-nominated documentary to an Oscar-winning one!

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