Loving my LAKE Pajamas

I truly do have a pajama addiction – I am constantly searching for the softest, most comfortable pajama set. I look forward changing into my pajamas at the end of the day, whether I’ve been out of the house or not. It’s the signal to my body that I can start to relax and slow down, and I definitely want to be comfortable while I do that!

For years, I slept in old t-shirts or whatever pajamas I happened to pick up. But in the last few years, I started to get into the idea of “real” pajamas, and I just love them. It just feels like such a little luxury – something just for me and my comfort. I have seen LAKE pajamas around on other blogs/social media for years now, but they’re not cheap and I could never justify it. Fast forward to this past year, where I have definitely spent more time in PJs than ever before. and they began to seem a lot more reasonable! I decided to go for it, and was able to get a set in the size that I wanted during their last sale.

I can now say with certainty – they are absolutely worth the hype! Their pajamas are made from Pima cotton, and while I didn’t know what it was before I bought them, I now know that it’s incredibly soft. But it’s soft without being too thin or flimsy, which I think is key – some of my other favorite PJs start out great and soft, but are so thin that they get worn through really quickly. These feel substantial – I can tell they’ll hold up well over time. They’re definitely a looser fit – they’re nothing especially “cute” fit-wise, it’s more like a boxy t-shirt fit. But the comfort is worth it, in my opinion! I also think that they work really well for lounging – they’re comfortable enough to wear when you’re just hanging out.

They offer a few different types of sets – tank sets, the shorts set (short sleeve top, shorts on the bottom), the “long-short” (long sleeve top, shorts on the bottom), the “short-long” (short sleeve top, long pants on the bottom), and “long-long” (long sleeve top, long pants on the bottom). I have the short set, because my arms get too constricted with another longer than short sleeves and I can’t move! It’s a nice loose fit – there’s nothing worse to me than tight pajamas! You should note that they shrink when they’re washed the first time (they are cotton, after all), so if they seem a little too big at first, know that they’ll likely shrink some after their first wash. They recommend that you don’t put them in the dryer – I know that other people have, but I haven’t tried it yet because I don’t want to mess them up!

I can’t wait for their next sale so that I can add another pair to my new collection! They have a smocked set now that I really want – I feel like it’s a little “fancier” than the normal style. I know they’re not cheap, but they’re so comfortable that if it’s something you can afford, I think they’re worth it.

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