Patio Wish List

I’ve never been more grateful for having a big backyard as I have over this past year. I’ve spent more time outside at home than ever before – not only on the deck, but also in the backyard for “bonfires” and movies with the projector. It’s something that has just made me so happy!

Growing up, we had a swingset in the backyard, but that was taken down years ago, and since then it’s mostly just wide open grass (other than the space my dad uses for his garden). I’ve been wanting to create a formal patio space in the backyard for a while now. Grass isn’t the easiest for me in my wheelchair – it’s bumpy and uneven, and when it gets even a little bit muddy things get exponentially more difficult. So I’ve really wanted a patio so that I can take full advantage of the space and still be comfortable in my chair. And happily… it’s happening! It’s still in the early stages, but we’re working with someone who gets the accessibility needs and is willing to work with us to make sure it’s what we need.

Even though the patio isn’t actually here yet, I’ve been browsing and dreaming about how to make the space match up to the perfect version in my head! I know that I definitely want a small patio table and umbrella, and am also looking for things that will make the space comfortable for non-wheelchair users, too! I’m sharing some of my favorite items that I’ve come across so far.

Umbrella with LED Lights // Rattan Storage Bench // Patio Storage Shelves
Wood Chaise Lounge
Storage Bench // Hammock
Throw Pillows // Clay Planters // Adirondack Rocking Chair
Hammock with Shade // Citronella Candle // Fire Pit
Outdoor Rug // Dining Table Set

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