A Sweatshirt for Spring

I would say that for about half of the work week I feel motivated to wear “real” clothes and look nice and polished and professional. And then the other half of the time, I just want to be comfortable. But even on those days, I sometimes need to be available for a Zoom call, so I’m looking for clothes that are comfy without being sloppy. It’s a fine line! But this short sleeved v-neck sweatshirt from Madewell totally delivers.

I feel like even calling it a sweatshirt gives the wrong impression – it’s more like a slightly heavy t-shirt. I was afraid it’d be too stiff when I saw it online, but it actually arrived with that already-lived-in feel, which I love. It’s the perfect shape – it’s boxy so it’s perfectly flowy, but the v-neck keeps it from getting too sloppy or slouchy looking.

I should mention that it’s slightly cropped – which means that for me, sitting, it’s just the right length, but might look a little different on you! I love that cropped, boxy tops are in right now, because that look works so well when you’re sitting all day – it keeps things from tugging or pulling or riding up throughout the day. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this trend continues!

Honestly, the top is just cute! I feel like it’d work equally well with jeans or leggings, and it’s the top that I keep grabbing over and over. I actually love it so much that I bought it in another color. With the weather being so unpredictable – 80 degrees one day, and 60 the next – I know that I’m going to get a lot of wear out of both of them during these spring months.

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