Friday Favorites

This is a very exciting weekend because I have a friend in town! I’m so excited to hang out and catch up and (fingers crossed) go out to eat an at actual restaurant! I’m just really looking forward to it (and I’m writing this post a day early so that I can just enjoy a fun visit once she arrives).

Heather, a white woman in a power wheelchair, is sitting on her front porch. She's wearing an ivory short sleeved mockneck dress, statement earrings from Blakbird, and a black pendant necklace from Scenery. Her hands are resting on a Starbucks cup sitting on a black wrought iron table.

Keeping it short and sweet this week and heading right into the favorites.

Taylor Swift at the Brit’s

I think Taylor Swift always gives very well-thought-out awards show speeches! I loved her comments on how being met with resistance and negativity mean that you’re doing something new and exciting – and that you should keep going and prove people wrong!

Silver Sandals

I have so much trouble finding sandals that fit me. I have tiny feet – size 4 in womens, or 2 in kids – but because I also have bad circulation, they also swell and get puffy and fat. So finding ones that fit all of those considerations is tough! I’ve done a lot of searching for cute velcro sandals, and this is one of the pairs that I’m actually keeping! They’re much less chunky/sporty looking in person, and the silver dresses them up for me.

Celebrities as Your BFF

This is a really fascinating article into the psychology behind the (one-sided) relationships we develop with celebrities and other people in the media. It’s really interesting to see both the positive and negative sides to it. I’ve definitely caught myself thinking like I “know” many celebrities… and have to remind myself that it’s definitely not the case.

When “Normal” Wasn’t Working

There’s this constant narrative right now about everyone wanting to go “back to normal,” but normal didn’t work for many people (me included!). I hope that lots of people read this article and it helps them keep the needs of the disability community in mind as we move forward.

Starbucks for Nespresso

I have had a Nespresso machine for YEARS and didn’t realize that Starbucks sold Nespresso pods! Since I am a Starbucks addict, I am very excited to try these and see how close I can come to replicating my extra-dry cappucino at home.

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