Friday Favorites

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here this week! I’ve been spending so much time outside, and I’ve also been “recovering” from having my friend visit last week – I forgot how tiring socializing can be, ha! It’s been a pretty low-key week around here, but in a good way, so I’ll take it.

Not much else to add, so on to the favorites.

good 4 u

Olivia Rodrigo’s full album is released today, so I’m probably listening to it as you read this! But all week this week I’ve basically just been listening to good 4 u on repeat. I can’t stop!

Salon Conversation Series

I’m SO excited to be speaking on Monday as part of this public (virtual) Salon Conversation series. I’ll be talking about my advocacy work, blogging, and more – I’d love for you to join me! Register here.

Blue and White Sundress

I picked this up from Target’s latest designer collaboration over the weekend, and it just came in yesterday. It’s so cute! I love how floaty it is, and there are still a good number of sizes left.

Dealing with Awkward Comments

I related so hard to this article about dealing with awkward comments as a disabled person. It makes so many good points – especially talking about how we, as disabled people, don’t comment on every instance of ableism we encounter. It’d be exhausting and impossible. The times we do, it’s often the proverbial final straw.

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