Cedar Point/Lake Erie Trip Recap

Last weekend, I traveled for the first time in over a year and went to Cedar Point, right on the shore of Lake Erie. Growing up, we used to go to Cedar Point every summer – my dad worked there for a summer during college, and it remains the best summer of his life to this day! We hadn’t been back for years, though – my sister and I can’t do most of the rides since we’d have to get out of our wheelchairs, so it didn’t necessarily seem worth it.

But now that we’re all vaccinated, we were looking for somewhere to go, and Cedar Point seemed like the perfect destination. We had spent SO long going literally nowhere that we were all looking forward to just getting out, and Cedar Point is just around 3 hours away. Personally, I was looking forward to being in a hotel and being on the shores of Lake Erie!

The view from the window at Hotel Breakers - Lake Erie is to the left, and the rides from Cedar Point are in the distance on the right.

We really just had one full day at Cedar Point – we drove down on Saturday (later than we intended, because that’s what traveling while disabled tends to be like for us!), and came home on Monday. We stayed at Hotel Breakers, which is actually ON park property – you drive through the parking lots of the park to get to the hotel! The location truly cannot be beat. From the window and the balcony, you could see the rides! The rooms aren’t huge – it is a theme park hotel in that respect; you can tell they really want to fit in as many rooms as possible. But we stayed in a one bedroom suite and there was enough room for my sister and I to get around without feeling squished. I’m going to do a more in-depth accessibility review of the hotel and the whole trip next week, so stay tuned for that!

The hotel itself has a few on-site restaurants – a Perkins, a TGIFridays, and a hibachi restaurant, plus a Starbucks (I’ll be talking about these a bit more in next week’s post). They also have some really great fire pits outside, which I loved, and an lakefront outdoor bar/eatery that I didn’t actually visit but looked cute! If you want to eat outside of the resort area, though, it’s about a 15-20 minute drive to “downtown” Sandusky.

My favorite part of the room by far, though, was the screened in balcony! It wasn’t huge, but I was able to fit my wheelchair on it, which was great (it also had a “normal” door and not a sliding door, which is a huge plus for me). The balcony looked out right over Lake Erie, and it was so incredible to sit out there and listen to the water (and the seagulls)! The screen was especially important because it kept out all the bugs, which I was VERY grateful for. It was just so soothing to sit and listen to the sound of the waves – I loved it. It was actually kind of chilly, so I took my ChappyWrap out with me and wrapped myself up and was so cozy!

I can’t really do much of a “review” of Cedar Point itself, because I can’t do any rides other than the train, so I don’t have much to share about the rides and wait times. I will mention that, as of right now, they’re having trouble hiring enough people and are understaffed. Because of this, lots of the shops/food stands/etc. are closed, and lines can be a little longer as a result. I did enjoy walking around the park, though, and seeing what I remembered and how much the park had changed since my last visit! As for mask wearing, they’re not requiring masks for fully vaccinated people, but there’s no check for vaccination status, and I would say the majority of people that I saw were unmasked. Since I spent most of my time outside (other than a few quick gift shop stops!), I never felt unsafe, but you might feel differently.

All in all, it was really really nice to get away and enjoy Cedar Point and Lake Erie, especially. after not being able to go anywhere for so long. I loved the change of scenery, and it made me really excited for our beach vacation later this summer! It also reminded me that traveling is exhausting, ha! It definitely takes some time for me to adjust to being around so many people again. But I’m so so grateful to be vaccinated and to be able to get out and explore.

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