Father’s Day Gift Guide

I’m still in shock that it’s June, and that Father’s Day is only a few weeks away. I have definitely not bought my Dad a gift yet, so finding the gifts for this post was actually really useful to me! Maybe I’ll end up getting my Dad something from this list (he reads these, so surprise, Dad! You can leave me a comment with your favorite one!).

Collage with text at the top reading: Father's Day Gifts. The collage includes: Yeti mug, Apple AirTags, Bose speaker, 101 Dad Jokes book, grilling pouches, DIY Hot Sauce kit, Apple Watch, duffle bag, and a wireless meat thermometer.
Yeti Mug

This is an oldie but a goodie. No one can ever have too many coffee mugs, and a Yeti is great because it will keep your coffee warm for so long, and the lid/handle make it safe to take outdoors! Simple and straightforward, but a gift for any Dad, really.

Apple AirTags

AirTags are little devices you can put on things that tend to get lost easily – keys, headphones, etc. – that makes them more easily found. My Dad tends to misplace things occasionally (he once accidentally buried a pair of glasses in his garden….) so this is a fitting gift. And Apple always makes products that work seamlessly across devices, which is another win in my book.

Bose Speaker

This is such a great gift for the summertime – your dad can bring his music with him wherever he is, in or outside the house. Since it’s Bose, you know the quality will be great, too.

Dad Jokes Book

If your dad, like mine, is a big fan of dad jokes, this gift seems perfect!! It will give him some new material to test out, ha! And with 101 jokes to choose from, there are lots to try out before he has to repeat any.

Grilling Pouches

I think this is genius! These are little mesh pouches to hold veggies on the grill, so that they don’t fall into the slats of the grill itself. We have little pans, but this seems like another great option.

DIY Hot Sauce Kit

How fun is this – they provide the ingredients, and you get to mix and make your own hot sauce. You can customize the flavor and spice level, which is cool. It’s like a gift of a product and experience all in one.

Apple Watch

This is the priciest gift on the list, but maybe you’re looking for a joint gift with your siblings. An Apple Watch is great for texts/e-mails on the go, and also for tracking fitness. It’s a great gift for a dad who won’t spend money on himself, but is a tech fan.

Duffle Bag

Now that travel is picking back up again, a standard duffle bag seems like a great gift option. This is a standard, go-to from LL Bean – nothing fancy, but perfect Dad style.

Wireless Meat Thermometer

This is a really cool wireless meat thermometer – there’s an app that walks you through the cooking steps, and it also works with Alexa, so she can tell you how much cooking time is left! It’s also really versatile – it works on the grill, smoker, and even in a sous vide machine.

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