Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This week has been busy for me – one of those weeks where I fall asleep almost instantly when my head hits the pillow (I don’t even make it through my 10 minute Headspace meditation!). I’m actually writing this post from the lovely patio outside at Bakery Square with a Starbucks in hand, rather than from my house, which has been a lovely change of pace. I’m hoping that you all are enjoying some sunshine, too – and some caffeine!

Now, on to the favorites.

Heather, a white woman in a power wheelchair, is wearing a bright red top and sitting on her deck next to some flowers. She's smiling at the camera.

Behind the Scenes at Gossip Girl

I’m very excited for the Gossip Girl reboot/continuation – we’re only a few weeks away now! I loved this little behind-the-scenes peek at the new show. I also love what a great job they’re doing at making viewers feel like they’re part of the Gossip Girl world – I just got a text blast from Gossip Girl herself while writing this. So clever!

Mini Raffia Tote Bag

I picked this up during the Prime Sale earlier this week and it’s just SO cute. It’s the perfect little mini size, but could still fit a phone, a book, sunscreen – the essentials. And the weave is tight enough that things won’t fall out and get lost.

Bachelor Franchise Tell-All

I’m not a huge Bachelor fan – I’ve only ever seen maybe a season or two – but I still obviously have a general pop culture knowledge about it. And even without being a superfan I really appreciated this no-hold-barred interview from Rachel Lindsay about her experiences with the show. Definitely worth a read.

The Bench Children’s Book
I bought this picture book by Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex, for a few of my friends with kids, since I am clearly not the target audience. It’s cute, and the illustrations are particularly beautiful. It’s a story about fathers in particular, so it’d be a great gift for any new dads in your life!

Testimony from Britney Spears

Reading this statement that Britney Spears gave in court this week is both devastating and rage inducing. Perhaps that most revolting to me was reading that she was forced to keep an IUD in her body without her consent to keep her from having any more children. It’s a feminist issue, a reproductive rights issue, a disability issue, and so many more. No one deserves to live like that, and I hope that the judge sees that.

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