Life Lately, June 2021

I mentioned in my last Life Lately post that things were starting to feel kind of normal. This month, it’s felt even more so – maybe to the point of doing too much! Everything sounds so fun and exciting right now that it’s hard to say no to potential plans. But as someone who doesn’t exactly feel recharged after lots of social activities, it’s been a lot and kind of exhausting!

Even though things are starting to move to more in person, I did have two virtual speaking engagements in the last month – I did one with The Salon, talking about my advocacy work, and one with The Frick and the Women and Girls Foundation talking about Frida Kahlo, her art, disability, and intersectionality. Both were so fun – both of them just felt like really great conversations.

I already shared a lot about my Cedar Point trip in my recap post, but it really did make things feel so normal… kind of in a surreal way. It’s just wild to think that I didn’t go ANYWHERE, for so long, and now I can travel again and stay in a hotel and visit other cities! It was a struggle to remember how to pack – I’m so used to just having everything that I need with me at all times – and I definitely brought too many clothes for a short trip, but it’s a learning curve! It felt like good practice for my beach trip, and really got me excited.

A deer is right outside the back door of Heather's house, peering inside.

Our deer visitors came back, which made me so happy! I’ve missed seeing them around every night, so I was extra happy when they reappeared. I know it’s silly, but it feels like my own little zoo and it really does bring me joy.

I also had another special visitor – I got to meet my friend’s baby! Sometimes I still feel like I’m 25 years old and way too young for my friends to be having kids, but then I remind myself that I’m 32 and that’s definitely not the case. I gifted her a baby-sized ChappyWrap and this book – gift giving is definitely my “love language,” and I love buying little presents like these.

The patio-in-progress - patted down dirt in the shape of the patio and an excavator is also visible.

We also had work started on our patio, which I absolutely cannot wait for!! The work is going on right outside the window of where I typically work, so it’s been cool to see the progress being made as I keep peeking out throughout the day. I’m so impressed by how much happens so quickly, and I can’t wait to see it when it’s done.

Another thing that made life feel a little more normal? I went to an actual movie theater! I saw an announcement on Twitter and ended up with free tickets to an early screening of In The Heights. It was an incredible movie – so bright, and emotional, and powerful. And so much fun to watch it while eating movie theater popcorn smothered in popcorn. The only downside was that I couldn’t sing along to the songs while I was in the theater!

A beautiful golden sunset over one of Pittsburgh's rivers.

And finally – I stopped by the Three Rivers Arts Festival for a quick visit. I only had a little bit of time to check out the artists’ booths (I made sure to say hi to one of my favorite local photographers JP Diroll!), but I did get to catch this absolutely beautiful sunset. The Arts Fest always feels like the official start to summer here in Pittsburgh, so this felt like the perfect way to kick it off.

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