Friday Favorites

Doesn’t the week after a vacation always seem so rough? I know it was even a short week, but I’m extremely grateful that it’s Friday. If the weather holds up, we’re going to watch In The Heights on our outdoor screen one more time before I leaves HBO on Saturday, and the the rest of the weekend is looking like it should be low-key.

Heather, a white woman in a power wheelchair, is wearing a royal blue sundress and leopard sandals. She's sitting on a patio next to a small water feature and is smiling at the camera.

Here are this week’s favorites!

Elle Office Hours with Shiza Shahid

I love reading about people’s career trajectories and career changes – it’s always so interesting to learn about how someone ended up where they are. I had no idea that the person behind the cult-famous Always Pan also worked for the Malala Fund! This was fascinating.

#DisabledGirlSummer at the Pitt Diversity Forum

I’m so excited that I have the opportunity to present #DisabledGirlSummer at the end of the month as part of Pitt’s Diversity Forum. It’s a virtual event, free and open to all – I’d love if you joined me! Pitt’s Calendar has the registration information.

Little Leopard Pot

I decidedly do not have a green thumb, but if I did, I’d definitely buy this cute little leopard print pot to put a plant in! I just can’t resist a good animal print.

Gossip Girl 2.0

I am very excited about the new Gossip Girl. I love the original (I’ve rewatched it multiple times), and am excited to see the new spin they put on it this time around. I especially love that the identity of Gossip Girl isn’t a secret (to the audience) in this version, because I will never get over the reveal of who Gossip Girl was in the original episodes!

Airlines Damaging Wheelchairs

My anxiety was sky-high during my flights to and from Myrtle Beach, and this article is a great explanation why. I’ve seen so, so many stories lately about airlines doing damage to people’s wheelchairs lately, and it’s hard to overemphasize how absolutely devastating and life-altering that can be. I’m so grateful that we made it through unscathed, but seriously, change must happen.

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