Nap Dress Review

I have been seeing the Hill House Home Nap Dress all over Instagram (and everywhere online, really) for over a year now. They expanded their size range in their drop earlier this summer, and I was lucky (and quick!) enough to buy one from their latest collection! I wanted to share my thoughts on the dress, the sizing, and if it’s “worth it.”

Heather, a white woman in a power wheelchair, is wearing the Ellie Nap Dress in Space Floral (deep green with blue and purple watercolor floral) on her front porch. She has on big brass earrings and a brown purse hanging on her wheelchair. Her brown hair is down and straight and she's smiling at the camera.

What is a Nap Dress?

If your Instagram doesn’t look like mine, you might not have heard of or seen a Nap Dress! If you aren’t familiar, the Nap Dress is a collection of dresses from Hill House Home that first came out over a year ago now. The concept behind it is a stylish, cute dress that looks put together but is comfy enough to nap in. That was enough to sell me!

There are a few different styles of Nap Dress, with even more being introduced with this latest collection. The most popular, I think, is the Ellie, but the Nesli and the Athena are also high on the list. They’re all offered in lots of prints and colors, with some being sold year-round and some being limited edition.

Heather, a white woman in a power wheelchair, is wearing the Ellie Nap Dress in Space Floral (deep green with blue and purple watercolor floral) outside with trees behind her. She has on big silver earrings, a straw purse hanging on her wheelchair, and a pair of brown sunglasses. Her brown hair is down and straight and she's smiling at the camera.

Ellie Nap Dress Thoughts

I have the Ellie Nap Dress, in the Space Floral print (it’s now sold out!). I bought mine in XXS, which was a size that was new to this “drop” – previously, the smallest size was XS. It’s a midi dress, but since I’m super short, it’s a maxi on me. I actually don’t mind this – when I buy real maxis, they’re often WAY too long, so this works perfectly for me! The top of the dress is smocked, which I love, and then it flares out below that.

The website notes that the Ellie Nap Dress runs big – I bought my usual size, XXS, and it fit well, but I do think that an XS would have been too loose. The smocking at the top definitely does give the dress some adjustability with fit, too. I’ve seen a few people (Elsa is one of them) mention that if you have a larger chest, you should order your usual size instead of sizing down. But in general, the dress is really forgiving, so I feel like you don’t need to stress too much over sizing.

In terms of comfort – it lives up to it’s name. It really is so, so comfortable. The smocking is the right amount of tight – it’s supportive without feeling like you’re being suffocated. Because the straps are decently thick, you could definitely wear this dress with a regular bra. The material is soft but holds its shape well, too – it’s not stretchy, but doesn’t feel stiff or scratchy, either. That is SO important to me! I had high expectations for the dress and really felt like it lived up to them.

It also washes and wears well! I actually didn’t even have to steam it after it went through the washing machine, which is so nice and easy. And it packed well on my trip to Myrtle Beach, too.

Is the Nap Dress worth it?

This is such a personal question! Nap Dresses are not cheap, so I totally get the hesitation. For me, personally, the answer is yes. It fits me really well, and I’ve already worn it three times in the few weeks that I’ve owned it. I know that I’m going to keep reaching for it. Not all dresses lay right when you’re sitting; this one looks really nice on me in my wheelchair. I think, if it’s something that you can afford and you liked smocked dresses, the Nap Dress is a purchase you’re not going to regret.

How can I get one?

Nap Dresses tend to sell out QUICKLY. I got mine from their last drop by signing up to their e-mail list ahead of time. You can also follow their Instagram – they announce the latest collections there and always share a lot about the patterns, the fit, etc. And check their website often! Restocks happen as people return dresses and you might get lucky that way.

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