Friday Favorites

Honestly, it has been a week. Nothing major – just lots of little things that have added up and made me feel very grateful that it’s Friday and the weekend is ahead of me! Sometimes, my life requires so much intricate planning that one little change can just have such a domino effect, and I have to roll with the punches and, in the immortal words of Tim Gunn, “make it work.”

Lily, a Yorkie, is sitting on a black wicker patio chair with a red and tan striped cushion. Behind her are lots of greenery - trees and bushes.

Of course, this week wasn’t all bad! Yesterday was National Dog Day and I snapped this absolutely ADORABLE picture of Lily (she may or may not have been bribed with a treat…).

Here are my favorites from the week.

From Fine Dining to Hospital Cooking

As someone who both loves a good meal out at a great restaurant AND has had many a sub-par hospital meal, it feels like this article was written just for me!! It’s such a good story about a chef who moved from working in fine dining to working at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centers. I hope that more hospitals of all types start implementing this. A good meal makes such a difference during a hospital stay.

brutal Music Video

I’m here for all the Olivia Rodrigo music videos! I think it’s the first time I’ve seen virtual filters used in a music video? I also love that her video has captions on it – not every artist does, and you know I’m always happy to see inclusive social media practices!

ThirdLove x Sarah Flint Pajamas

Sarah Flint collaborated with ThirdLove on a pajama set, and wow, the print is so beautiful! It’s a really delicate floral trellis pattern. I also love that even when you buy as a set, you can get different sizes in the tops and bottoms – sometimes people need different sizes!

As a Brand Ambassador, I have a code for you! Use PJParty25 for 25% off your pajama purchase!

5 Disability Bills in Congress to Watch

I actually found this through my sister, who shared it on Facebook, ha! It’s a great summary of some of the bills currently going through Congress that have disability implications. It’s always good to stay informed – and to use this to contact your representatives when the time comes!

Mini Bobbi Brown Cream Shadow Set

I’ve mentioned before that I use the Bobbi Brown cream eye shadow sticks a lot. They still take forever to actually get used up, so this set of minis is good both for travel and for anyone who just wants to use them occasionally. The selection of colors is great, too – I actually own three of the four shades myself!

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