My (Updated) Travel Essentials

When I traveled to Cedar Point and Lake Erie back in May, I felt like I kind of had to re-learn how to pack and how to travel, and the same thing happened again when we flew to Myrtle Beach! It had been so long since I had traveled that I had to remind myself what I needed when I packed and the best way to pack it all.

Since I have a few trips down and a few more planned for the year (fingers crossed), I thought that I’d do an updated post with all of my current travel essentials.

Product collage of travel essentials: a cashmere wrap, duffle bag, side sleeper pillow, travel pillow, neck pillow, travel ChappyWrap, toiletry bag, luggage cart, packing cubes, travel toilet, CBD drops, CBD melts, AirPods Pro, and a cooler.

Cashmere Wrap // Duffle Bag // Side Sleeper Pillow

Travel Pillow // Neck Pillow // Travel ChappyWrap

Toiletry Bag // Luggage Cart // Packing Cubes

Travel Toilet // CBD Drops // CBD Melts // AirPods Pro // Cooler

I’m going to split this up into different categories to make it a little bit easier to follow!


I love this duffle bag – it’s nothing fancy, but it can really fit SO much, but barely takes up any space at all when empty. I kind of always thought that packing cubes were something that was overhyped, but actually, they’re a travel game-changed. I can fit so much more and everything is so much more organized! This toiletry bag is maybe not the most stylish, but it fits all of my many toiletries and even comes with a little hook so that you can hang the bag and easily access everything in the hotel.

When I travel, there’s lots of heavy-ish medical equipment that comes along, too. Having a foldable luggage cart makes it so much easier to get things from the car to the hotel room, or from baggage claim to the car.

Staying Comfy

I do not go anywhere without a cashmere wrap – it’s equally great for a car ride, a plane, or just a chilly night out to dinner. Of course, I bring my ChappyWrap with me – the midi size is perfect for travel because it’s a great lap blanket size. And for both road trips and plane trips, having a neck pillow is key. My neck muscles are weak, so I appreciate any and all support I can get.

I also always travel with my own pillows. This side-sleeper pillow was actually life-changing for me, no exaggeration. I was actually getting a pressure sore on my ear because I sleep on my side and can’t shift my head myself overnight. But even if you don’t have mobility issues, this is just an incredibly comfortable pillow for any side-sleeper! I also bring a few smaller pillows – to be comfortable while I’m sleeping, I need lots of pillows to prop me, especially when I’m in a bad that’s not my own. Bringing my own pillows might sound a little over-the-top, but honestly, it has made travel SO much better for me. If I’m not positioned comfortably overnight, I can wake up in actual pain, and that just makes traveling so much more difficult and stressful.

The Extras

These don’t really fit neatly into one category, so think of this as kind of a miscellaneous!

A few medical things – one is a cooler, because the medication that treats SMA has to be kept refrigerated. I have taken this one on two trips now, and it works SO well – it smushes down really small, but keeps my medication cold (and is waterproof!). I also always travel with this portable toilet seat, which you probably won’t find on many other travel essential lists, ha! It comes apart into a few easily-assembled pieces, and it makes hotel bathrooms much more accessible for me – it gives me the support that I need.

There are also some non-medical essentials! Travel can be stressful, so I make sure to always have my CBD drops with me, and the new Calming Melts are fantastic for a little extra boost of chill during a stressful travel moment. (Equilibria is currently offering 30% off and you can get $20 off your first order with the code REFHEATHER.TOMKO.) And of course – my AirPods are a travel essential for sure, no question.

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