The Best Products I’ve Bought This Year (So Far)

Since the year is (somehow) more than half over, I thought this would be a good time to do a round-up of the best things that I’ve bought so far this year. It really tried to go through and collect the absolute best of the best of what I’ve purchased… things that I’ll be wearing, or using, long after the year is over.

Product collage of: tortoise sunglasses, Nap Dress, striped short sleeved sweater, black smocked mini dress, straw hat, vitamin c serum, lancome foundation stick, oil removing rollerball, Lake pajamas, mockneck cashmere sweater.

Tortoise Sunglasses // Striped Sweater Tee // Smocked Dress

Nap Dress // Straw Sun Hat // Vitamin C Serum

Stick Foundation // Reusable Oil Remover // Lake Pajamas // Mockneck Sweater

To make this a little bit easier, I’m going to separate this into two categories – style (clothing + accessories) and beauty (makeup + skincare).


This is the lengthier category, but it’s still an edited list – these are honestly my favorite go-tos. First of all, what would this list be without the Nap Dress?! I love it so much that I already have two, with plans for more. They’re just so cute, comfortable and effortless. They’re doing a re-stock of their Trellis print on Friday at noon ET, so be on alert (and check out my full review post too if you have more questions)! If you love the smocking but want something a little different, this smocked dress from Gap is just the best – I even convinced my mom and sister to get it because they loved mine so much!

For less summery style, there are two sweaters from Madewell that I love. This striped cashmere sweater tee is perfect for fall/spring – it’s so super lightweight but still cashmere to ward off a chill. And then when it’s really cold, this mockneck cashmere is SO soft and cozy.

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without Lake pajamas – I’m wearing them right now while I write this post. I just can’t get over how soft they are. I have a post with a full review of them, too.

In terms of accessories – I never thought that I was a hat person, but this straw floppy hat is perfect for the summer sun and heat, especially if you’re headed to the beach! And these sunglasses are chic and classic while still being modern at the same time.


I haven’t changed up too many aspects of my beauty / skincare this year because I’m still staying home the vast majority of the time and not going too wild with my makeup. But there were a few additions that definitely make the best products list! The first is Vitamin C serum – I tried so many in the past and none of them had the right consistency, or they dyed my fingers orange! I’ve been using this one for over six months now with no plans to stop. I was super skeptical about this cream stick foundation – I thought it’d be too oily/heavy for me – but it actually is the perfect coverage and finish (thanks to my sister Jess who suggested it!). And finally – this reusable oil removing rollerball is GENIUS. It works just as well as the blotting papers do, and it’s reusable! You just wash it with gentle dishwashing soap when it gets too saturated and you’re good to go!

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