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I won’t lie – I have been watching a LOT of TV recently. It’s been rainy so often that I find myself turning on the TV and getting lost in a good binge (or sometimes, a not-so-good but guilty pleasure binge). I’m sharing the good shows that I’ve been watching recently, but would also love your recommendations! I’m definitely in need of something new to watch.

Heather's bedroom wall, with a TV screen showing The White Lotus, surrounded by mirrors on the left and picture frames on the right.
The White Lotus (HBO Max)

I think everyone is watching this, it seems like! It’s set at a luxury resort, and the show opens with a casket being loaded onto a flight – you spend the rest of the episodes trying to unwind what happened and learn who died. It’s not really a mystery or thriller, though – it’s more about the psychological aspect of learning about the lives of the very privileged hotel guests. I didn’t love the ending, but it’s still worth watching for sure.

CODA (Apple TV+)

CODA stands for “children of deaf adults,” and much like the name, this is a movie that follows the hearing daughter of D/deaf parents. She acts as her parents’ de facto translator for their business, but joins choir at school (for a boy) and has to decide how to pursue her new interest in singing with her familial responsibilities. I love that the movie was cast authentically – the D/deaf characters are played by D/deaf actors (one of whom is the incredible Marlee Matlin). It’s a really heartwarming, touching story.

The Chair (Netflix)

This show is about the first woman (Sandra Oh!!) to be the chair of the English department at a university. It’s certainly not a super fast-paced show, but as someone who works in academia, it was fun to watch the politics of academia play out on the screen. I’m sure it’s not one hundred percent accurate, but the power struggles are definitely there! Plus, it filmed in Pittsburgh, at Chatham (where my sister went for graduate school), so it was so fun to see so many familiar surroundings.

Ted Lasso (Apple TV+)

I was so excited when Ted Lasso came back for a second season!! Theoretically, this show is about an American coach who goes to England to coach soccer, a sport he’s never played or coached before. But as someone who could not care less about sports, I can assure you that the show isn’t really about sports at all. I love how sincere it is – I am a snarky, sarcastic person, but I really appreciate that this show is just… genuine. It’s a show that I think anyone would like.

Gossip Girl (HBO Max)

Obviously, I have been watching the new Gossip Girl! I have watched the original one multiple times – I especially love the fashion that is such a huge part of it. The style in the new show is different – as is the dynamic – but I’m still here for it. It’s still getting started as a show; the second half of the first season isn’t coming back until November. But I like what I’ve seen so far and am looking forward to what the latter half brings!

Truth Be Told (Apple TV+)

I learned about this show from Grace, and when she described it as a show about a murder podcast, there was no question in my mind that I’d watch! It reminds me a little bit of a TV version of Serial – trying to figure out if someone in prison actually committed the crime. Plus, it stars Octavia Spencer, and the latest season also stars Kate Hudson. Season two just started so there’s still time to get caught up on the first season and start the second.

Modern Love (Amazon Prime Video)

I have been reading the Modern Love column in The New York Times for years now – they’re all kinds of stories about all types of love. I think the first season of the show is still my favorite, but I was glad to get a second – I even recognized some of the episodes from columns that I had read. (“The Night Girl Finds a Day Boy” has stuck with me ever since I read it!) It’s also a relatively quick watch, so it’s perfect when you’re in between shows and in the mood for a short binge.

What are you watching?? Share your recommendations in the comments!

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