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Is it just me, or does the whole back-to-school season make anyone else want to buy allll of the organization and paper supplies?! I know I’m not a student anymore, but this time of the year just makes me want to buy new notebooks and pens and feel convinced that I’ll be so much more productive with them! While I know, logically, that a new notebook isn’t going to magically jump-start my productivity, having nice things to look at and use does make the day just a little bit brighter. And having things that makes your day a little more organized definitely doesn’t hurt, either.

Product collage of: acrylic storage box, acrylic memo tablet, to do list pad, notebook, desk tray, desk blotter, notebook, phone stand, personalized notecards, cord hider, and the vault

Acrylic Storage Box // Acrylic Memo Tablet // To Do List

Desk Tray // Desk Blotter

Notebook // Phone Stand // Personalized Notecards

Cord Hider // The Vault

I truly love a good desk organizer/storage box. I am not always the best at remembering to use them, but I love the look when everything is put away and in it’s place. This acrylic and leather storage box looks so chic sitting out on a desk, and is big enough to get things put away and get rid of clutter. I own “the vault” and it’s SO great – if you don’t have space for filing cabinets, you can put your important documents (and other) keepsakes in this and it still looks super cute sitting out on your desk. This little catchall tray adds a fun pop of colors and pattern.

I am also addicted to pretty paper products. Notecards, notebooks, tablets – I love them all. These notebooks and to do lists from Appointed are my absolute favorite! They’re just the right combination of pretty and practical. I’m also a huge fan of sending little notes – I think that everyone loves to get a letter via snail mail. These personalized notecards are so beautiful.

And then we have the other assorted desk accessories. I think this little acrylic memo tablet is so genius – it comes with a special little pen that you can use to write on the acrylic surface. How cute is that?! I love a desk blotter – I have a glass desk, and the blotter keeps things from sliding (and keeps the glass clean). I have and use this phone stand all the time. It’s nothing fancy at all, but it works – it’s one of things that seems unnecessary until you have it, and then you can’t imagine not using it. And then if you’re someone who doesn’t like the look of having all of your various cords and cables sitting out, this little storage box is perfect. It has space for so many things to plug into, and keeps all of your wires as organized and out of sight as possible. Love it!

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