Friday Favorites

This week has felt like it was approximately one month long. It seems like a lot of people I’m seeing online are feeling the way that I am – just exhausted and a bit burnt out. My allergies have also been out of control lately, which is definitely not helping things! Here’s hoping that the weekend gives me what I need to start next week out on a better note.

And now, this week’s favorites.

A close up on Heather's face and neck - she's wearing a short, choker-length necklace that reads "Vaxxed" in script letters. Heather is a white woman with long brown hair and glasses and is wearing a rust colored top.

Vaxxed Necklace

After I saw the necklace that the new governor of New York was wearing (“vaxed”), I knew that I needed to get my own (but spelled “vaxxed” with two x’s). I found this seller on Etsy and think it turned out really well! I chose sterling silver and font #10. I love it!

More About LuLaRich

Has anyone else watched LuLaRich – the docuseries about LuLaRoe on Amazon? I never bought anything from LuLaRoe personally, but I did have lots of Facebook friends that sold it. I loved the series, and this article goes into even more detail about things that were left out of the documentary.

Sound Series at The Warhol

If you’re in Pittsburgh, The Warhol has a really cool outdoor concert happening tomorrow afternoon and evening! They’re being careful about capacity, and you can come and go as you please without any re-entry issues. I’m really looking forward to it – tickets are still available (and are affordable)!

Madewell Insider Sale

Madewell is offering 20% off for Insiders, which is free to join! Madewell is one of my favorite places to shop right now; I especially think that their cashmere is great. How cute and cozy looking is this boxy cashmere sweater?

The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical

After watching it develop over Instagram for months, I was SO excited last Friday when Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear released a concept album for their Bridgerton musical! I have listened many, many times since then and it’s just so good. I especially love Alone Together and Burn for You, but they’re all good!

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