Friday Favorites

I usually try to share a little something about my week here, but I don’t really think that I have much to share! This week has very much felt like the “same old.” I guess this make’s sense coming on the heels of yesterday’s post about feeling overwhelmed. I know this will pass – just need to ride it out.

So on to this week’s favorites.

Heather, a white woman in a power wheelchair, is outside on her patio with a corner of a table next to her and bushes and trees behind her. Her brown hair is down and wavy, and she's wearing a leopard print t-shirt dress.

Be a Hero

On Wednesday evening I watched a live stream of Not Going Quietly, the documentary about healthcare activist Ady Barkan. It comes out on 10/5 and I recommend that EVERYONE watch it – I’ll share it again in an October Friday Favorites post. Ady’s organization, Be a Hero, is currently focused on advocating for full funding of home- and community-based services (HCBS). I rely on HCBS for my caregivers – these services are SO important to me and millions of others. Please help take action by using this form to tell Congress to fully fund HCBS!

ChappyWrap Season

It is officially fall – while temperatures here in Pittsburgh have been all over the place, it’s definitely been getting chillier at night. That means it’s time for the coziest blanket around – my ChappyWrap! I know it might sound like this is sponsored, but really, I just love mine and think it’s the perfect blanket.

Surface Adaptive Kit

This is so cool! Microsoft is releasing an adaptive kit for their devices – add ons to make them more accessible for people with disabilities! I love that they’ve come up with options that make the devices easier for a variety of disabilities – if I had a Surface, I could definitely see myself using the loop that makes it easier to open. It feels great to see big tech companies making specific accessibility products.

Amazon T-Shirt Dress

Amazon clothing can be hit-or-miss sometimes, but this dress is a definite win! It’s so comfy and easy to throw on (and obviously, comes in many many patterns and colors). I have a lot of the solid colors, but I think the leopard is my current favorite (see my picture above, ha!).

24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar

I know it’s kind of early to think about Advent calendars, but they sell out so quickly sometimes that you have to order early! I had last year’s version of this tea calendar and I loved trying all the different blends each night – and even found a few new favorites!

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