My Catbird Charm Necklace

I love jewelry – since fashion can sometimes be hard for me to fully engage with because of sizing and accessibility, jewelry is a great way for me to add a personal touch to my outfits. I have a mix of jewelry – some of it is just fun, pretty things that I like, and some of it I pick because it means something to me. It might be something that reminds me of a particularly challenging or exciting time in my life, or a design that has some special meaning in my own life. When I came across this Catbird charm well over a year ago now, I knew immediately that it fell into that latter category.

Heather, a white woman in a power wheelchair, is wearing a short sleeved black sweater and gold necklace. Behind her are lots of trees and bushes.

I have bought from Catbird before, and am so impressed by their jewelry. I love the style of their pieces – to me, it’s classic, but with a little twist. It’s dainty and yet surprising at the same time! And the variety – they have so many different options! Plus, I love that they are really concerned with ethically and sustainably sourcing their materials. I try to be a conscious consumer, and while I’m certainly far from perfect, it makes it easier when the business is really transparent about it (which Catbird is).

My personal favorite Catbird pieces are their charms. They seemingly have something for everyone – a teeny-tiny kitten mask, a little love letter, and even a mini cannoli. But my (current) personal favorite is the “peaceful girl with fist.”

A close up on Heather's face and her necklace, which is a gold oval with a girl standing still with her fist raised in the air.

It’s exactly what you would think it is, based on the name – it’s a gold oval charm with a little depiction of a girl (with her back to us) standing there with her fist raised. The description calls it “a poignant pendant for our times” and I completely agree. It also feels like a poignant pendant for me, personally.

There are so many ways to be an activist. And while I have huge admiration for the people who put themselves on the front lines doing activist work, it’s just not my style. I prefer to advocate in different ways – through my blog, my writing, and honestly, just my day-to-day life. And to me, that’s what this charm symbolizes. I love wearing it as a subtle reminder (to myself and to others) of the work that’s so important to me.

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