Friday Favorites

This week has felt long – I was DMing with someone on Instagram on Tuesday about how it felt like it should be much later in the week… and that was on Tuesday! So the weekend really could not come fast enough. I have a very low-key weekend planned… I’m getting my COVID booster shot later today, and I wanted to keep my weekend plan-free in case I have any side effects! I didn’t have terrible side effects with my first two shots (I have a post all about the experience), so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s about the same this time too.

Now on to this week’s favorites!

Bad on Paper on Burnout

I love Grace and Becca’s Bad on Paper podcast, and thought this week’s episode was especially great. They shared their own personal experiences with burnout, and how it manifests for them. It really made me think about my own experiences and my post about feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes it’s just nice to know that we’re not alone in how we’re feeling.

Sezane Sweaters

I shared some Sezane pieces in this week’s Wednesday Wishlist, but I’ve been doing some browsing and I’m in love with basically all of their sweaters. I love the ruffle sleeves on this one, and the pretty cable knit design on this one.

Stream Not Going Quietly

Ady Barkan is an absolutely incredible disability and healthcare activist who recently had a documentary filmed about him and his work. He was diagnosed with ALS in his 30s, and went on to do a nationwide RV tour of advocacy for healthcare. He is truly inspirational – not because he’s disabled, but because of the amazing work that he’s done. Definitely recommend watching this documentary!

Light Pink Sarah Flint Flats

Sarah Flint debuted a new pair of her cult famous Natalie flats (I love mine!) in the prettiest light pink snakeskin embossed pattern for breast cancer awareness in October. Not only are they gorgeous (and comfortable!), but 20% of the net proceeds of these shoes will be donated to Touch, The Black Breast Cancer Alliance!

Don’t forget – if you use the code SARAHFLINT-BAHEATHERREPORT at checkout, you can get $50 off your first pair of Sarah Flint shoes!

Build Back Better for Caregivers

This article (via Hitha Palepu) is such an important read. I rely on caregivers, but can’t set their salary – often, they could make more working at Target than they could working for me providing absolutely vital care. There is a real crisis right now in finding caregivers, and a lot of it is because they’re not paid a sustainable, living wage. When we talk about “building back better,” this needs to be part of it.

Who Is The Bad Art Friend?

Have you read this article yet?! It has consumed my thoughts – and my conversations – more than it should have this week. I think both parties made some…. Choices (though I think some were worse than others). But most of all, I am now haunted by the thought of my texts and e-mails being subpoenaed! I’m definitely going to have to go through my settings and turn on some auto-deleting.

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