Friday Favorites

I’m officially protected against the flu AND boosted my immunity against COVID – I got vaccinated one week ago today! I got both shots on the same day – I had chills and a low-grade fever when I woke up on Saturday, but those symptoms cleared up with ibuprofen. Other than that, I just felt tired and a little achy. I woke up on Sunday feeling back to normal!

So basically – I’m excited for this weekend because I feel like I only had half a weekend last week. And also – look at this beautiful sunset that I caught last night. It just makes me feel like the weekend is off to a great start, you know?

And with that – on to the favorites.

LAKE Holiday Pajamas

How cute are these holiday pajamas from LAKE, designed by the amazing Inslee Farris? They’d make the most adorable matching pajamas picture for Christmas. And of course, since they’re from LAKE, you know they’re going to be super comfy!

New Adele Music

It’s been SO long since Adele has released any new music! She has such an incredible voice – can’t wait to listen to this all weekend, and can’t wait to hear the rest of her new album, too.

How to Talk about Disability with Kids

This is one of the questions that I get asked all the time – how to talk to kids about disabilities. And it’s a great question! I love that people are putting thought into it and trying to approach it thoughtfully. Laughing at my Nightmare put together a great guide for how to have these discussions.

Jimmy Fallon’s Nancy Meyers Song

This is SO good. Nancy Meyers has such a specific look in all of her movies – so gorgeous and warm and inviting. Jimmy Fallon and Chris Stapleton really nailed it with their song! I kept re-watching and laughing at how they got the details juuuust right.

Boxy Neutral Sweater

I bought this sweater during the Nordstrom sale earlier this year, and finally had a chance to wear it recently. I love it! It’s boxy and loose, and so soft, but the v-neck keeps it from being too shapeless. It’s just a great neutral cozy sweater.

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