Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! As long as the weather cooperates, we’re going to have a little bonfire on the patio for the first time this season. I’m so excited – I love a good mountain pie for dinner! Does anyone else like a mountain pie cooked over the fire? The rest of my weekend looks pretty chill, and I’m not complaining. I hope you all get some time to relax, too!

Heather, a white woman in a power wheelchair, is wearing a cream colored short sleeved sweater with tan and light pink and light purple thin stripes. She's on her front porch behind a metal round table with a cup of coffee on the table / in her hands. There's a pot of mums on the table.

Nap Dress Holiday Drop

The Nap Dress holiday drop is here, and I’m obsessed. I bought the emerald green velvet Ellie and I already cannot wait to wear it everywhere this fall and winter! My sister got the gorgeous brocade Ellie before it sold out and I can’t wait to borrow that, too. A tip – if something that you wanted sold out before you were able to buy it, keep checking back!! Things go back in stock as returns are processed.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex on Paid Leave

Now that Meghan is no longer a working royal, she’s able to discuss politics, and I love this open letter she wrote about the importance of paid leave. While her experience largely stems from the need for paid leave as a parent of young children, the past year and a half has made it clear that we’re facing a crisis of care – for parents, for disabled people, for older adults, and for ourselves. She says it so well – “I know how politically charged things can—and have—become. But this isn’t about Right or Left, it’s about right or wrong. This is about putting families above politics.” Definitely read her whole letter, and contact your own members of Congress to tell them to pass paid leave!

(Thanks to Elizabeth Holmes for sharing this on Instagram!)

We’re Speaking by Hitha Palepu

Hitha is one of my favorite Instagram follows, and I’m so excited to read her book that was released earlier this week! It uses anecdotes and situation for Kamala Harris’s life and applies them to life lessons of empowerment that we can all benefit from. I’m looking forward to reading it this weekend!

Jonah Hill on Body Image

Jonah Hill posted a very kind message on Instagram the other day asking people to stop commenting on his body or his weight – both in a negative or positive way. I think that it’s a great reminder – we never know what someone’s been through in terms of their body image. Even a well-intended compliment on someone’s weight loss could be a trigger. There are so many other, better things to compliment people on!

Perfect Fall Sage Green Flats

I love adding a pop of color to my outfit with my shoes, and this sage green color is so perfect for fall. I love the suede texture, too – it just adds a little something extra. They’d be so cute with jeans or black pants!

Don’t forget – use SARAHFLINT-BAHEATHERREPORT for $50 off your first pair. I appreciate your support!

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