How I’m Re-balancing My Life

I’m kind of writing this post for myself, as a follow-up to what I wrote a few weeks ago about feeling overwhelmed. I know that part of that feeling is that I’m just… out of balanced. I’m not taking care of myself the way that I should, and then it just starts to spiral. So I’m trying to focus on making some small, manageable changes. Since it seems like lots of people were feeling the way that I was, I thought I’d share in case these changes are helpful for you, too.

Prioritize Sleep

Honestly, this one is huge for me. I love sleep, and on the weekends I have no problem sleeping in and getting the rest I need. During the week, though, it’s a whole other thing. I am definitely more of a night owl, and so part of me always wants to finish one more thing, watch one more episode, read one more chapter. But then time flies and I look at the clock and it’s much later than I want it to be! So I need to stop trying to do all the things at night and instead, remind myself that they will all still be there for me when I wake up the next morning. I know that I always feel so much better after a good night’s sleep.

Get Back Into Daily Headspace

I have still been using the Headspace Sleepcasts when I go to bed each night, but I got out of the habit of doing my daily meditation, and I want to get back into that. Even doing just a five minute meditation helps me focus and reset when I’m feeling scattered. I try to do them either first thing in the morning or mid-afternoon when I could use some help getting back on track. I slacked on this habit but I really am feeling motivated to pick it back up again.

Get a Handle on My Calendar

Ugh, this one is bad – I rely on my Google calendar to help me keep track of what I have going on, but I have been really forgetful about actually adding appointments and meetings in there lately. It makes me feel scattered all the time – like I’m constantly trying to remember what I have going on, and then have to keep telling myself not to forget. There’s such an easy fix! I am trying to add things as soon as I learn about them or think about them so that I don’t forget later.

Stop Revenge Procrastinating

Have you heard of revenge procrastinating? I know it’s technically revenge bedtime procrastination, which fits along with my first point, but I feel like I take it a step further. When I have to finish writing a blog post after a day of work, I will find myself putting it off and putting it off, until I absolutely HAVE to finish it or else yes, I will be going to bed way too late. But I’m trying to find the right balance, because I know when I do this it’s because I feel like I need a break before I go from one type of work to another type of work. So I want to not procrastinate but not overwork myself, and I’m still working on figuring out that fine line for myself.

Be Okay Saying No

I have an absolutely horrible habit of overcommitting myself, and it ends up doing me more harm than good. There are always so many things that I genuinely want to do – things that interest me and are amazing opportunities. But there is definitely such a thing as too much going on – it just contributes to me feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. It’s no good to anyone, myself included, if I say yes to something and then end up not being able to do it justice because I don’t have the time or mental capacity to really commit to it. So I’m really learning that it’s okay to say no – and that it then leaves me space to say YES to the things I feel passionate and excited about.

What do you do to find balance when you feel overwhelmed?

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