Knit Blazer Jacket

After not getting out of the house much last year during fall, I’m having to remind myself how to dress for the cooler temperatures now that the weather is changing. Since the days have started out chillier but then warm up and are bright and sunny by mid-day, I’ve been doing lots of layering when I do go out.

I have to be kind of careful with the jackets that I buy – I need things that are easy to get on, that aren’t too stiff so that I can still move my arms and drive my wheelchair easily, and that actually still lays well on me sitting all day. I came across this knit blazer jacket and am happy to confirm that it fits all my criteria, PLUS looks super cute!

Heather, a white woman in a power wheelchair with long brown hair, is wearing sunglasses and a black knit blazer jacket with two buttons at the bottom. Under her jacket, some of her emerald green smocked Nap Dress is peeking out. Behind her is a decorative fall display.

I love the fabric of this jacket – it’s a french terry knit, and basically feels like a super soft, cozy sweatshirt. Because of how soft it is, it’s not at all stiff, and it’s so easy for me to wear and move in (or, as easy as anything with sleeves will ever be for me). The shape of it, though, is more blazer like, which keeps it from looking too casual.

The shape is definitely boxier, which is perfect for me sitting – it doesn’t bunch or ride up awkwardly. But if you aren’t as into the boxy shape as I am, there are drawstrings on both sides at the bottom where you can cinch it a bit tighter. And the buttons at the bottom are key, too – they help keep it from falling off my shoulders or getting twisted. And again – it makes it look more like a jacket or blazer than just a sweatshirt.

A slightly farther away shot of Heather, wearing the emerald dress and black knit blazer jacket. This time, a little more of the floral print of the dress can be seen.

I’m wearing it here with a Nap Dress (of course), but it would look just as nice with a pair of jeans and a top or thin sweater. It can look more dressed up or down based on what you pair it with. I love when a piece of clothing turns out to be versatile! It’s available in both regular and petite, too. This is a great, classic, and super affordable piece.

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