Recent Round Up

I’ve bought a few things lately that aren’t exciting enough for a post of their own, but I still wanted to share them. So I thought I’d just do a little post rounding up some of my favorite recent purchases.

A product collage reading "Recent Round Up" containing: a black v-neck sweaterdress, Kerastase Discipline shampoo and conditioner, a Thermacell, a smart space heater, a jean jacket, and a black blazer jacket.

Sweater dress // Conditioner // Shampoo // Thermacell // Space Heater

Jean Jacket // Black Jacket

I’ve been trying to do less impulse buying of clothes that are cute but I don’t necessarily need, and focus more on filling the holes in my closet. This sweater dress was on sale at J.Crew, and I know will be great as the temperatures keep dropping. Now that I’m going out more than I did last year, I’m finding that I need to remind myself of how to dress is non-80 degree weather! And a sweater dress is the perfect way to look put together and stay warm. I also love these two jackets that I picked up from Banana Republic Factory. I have lots of flowy, cozy cardigans, but actually don’t have many mid-weight jackets. This jean jacket is so soft and think enough for me to easily move around in. I think this black jacket is really unique – the two buttons at the bottom are great for me because it helps it stay put, but the rest of the neckline is nice and open.

It might sound silly, but I think that this space heater is my absolute favorite thing from this post. I live by my space heater in the winter (and honestly, also in the fall and the spring, ha!), and this one is amazing because it has smart technology. I can turn it off from my phone or my Alexa, which I’m so excited to take advantage of in January when my bed is warm and the air is cold. You can even schedule it to turn on at a specific time! I also picked up this Thermacell to try to deal with the mosquitos that won’t leave me alone on the patio. I think my favorite thing about it is that you don’t have to deal with the really strongly-scented smoke from those mosquito coils that you light.

And then finally… I had to refill my shampoo and conditioner! I switch up my hair care products a lot, but I’ve been using these for a few months now and like how they make my hair look and feel. I like that the shampoo is sulfate free, and the conditioner helps smooth without weighing it down. Win-win!

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