Another Taste of Normalcy

I know that a lot of my posts here and on Instagram seem kind of like “business as usual,” but honestly, my life is still far from “back to normal.” I have been able to go out more than before now that I’m vaccinated (and boosted!), but I know that I still have to be careful. I am really, really still avoiding crowds or places where people will be unmasked for long periods of time, because even a mild case of COVID could hospitalize me.

Heather, a white woman wearing a green velvet smocked dress and a surgical mask, is holding the program for The Band's Visit and posing in front of the stage at The Benedum.

That’s why I was so excited to go to The Benedum this past weekend to see The Band’s Visit. Funnily enough, I had tickets to see this show way back in March 2020. In the days leading up to the performance that I had tickets for, I remember agonizing over whether or not it would be safe for me to go. I was actually a little relieved when they ended up cancelling it, because it meant that I didn’t have to worry about if I had made the right decision or not. So it was a bit of a full-circle moment for it to be the first live theater show I saw again!

During “normal times,” going to see live theater is one of my absolute favorite things to do. I have a subscription to the shows here in Pittsburgh, and I have planned multiple trips around shows in other cities. So it was one of the things that I’ve missed the most over the last year and a half. When the house lights went down and the curtain started to rise, I had full-body chills. It just felt so good to be able to do something that I’d missed so much after so long!

I also have to give the Cultural Trust here major props – I really appreciated their commitment to the safety measures they put in place. Vaccinations were required and proof was checked at the door, and masks were required the whole time, too. From what I could see, people really did follow the rules, which was a relief. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel being in a crowd, but they did such a great job that I actually wasn’t worried.

It sounds like something so small – seeing a show – but after everything, I was so grateful to be able to enjoy live theater again. I think, if anything, the last year and a half has been a reminder to really appreciate each and every little thing – to find joy everywhere you can, and grab onto it and hold tight. And I am!

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  1. veena

    We had our first show in Memphis the first few weeks of October. Masks were required but not vaccination proof, and it continues to be a hot topic of discussion in the season ticket holder groups online. I was so excited to be back at the theatre but am definitely a little on edge at the same time.

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