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Sometimes, after I see a dress, or pair of pajamas, or blanket splashed all over my social media feeds, I wonder if they’re really as amazing as they’re made out to be, or just really good product placement. So I thought that I’d share the things that, in my opinion, did actually live up to the hype.

Collage of hype-worthy products: Hotel Lobby candle, ChappyWrap, Lake pajamas, Nap Dress, Nespresso machine, AirPods pro, Sarah Flint flats.

Hotel Lobby Candle // ChappyWrap Blanket // Lake Pajamas

Nap Dress // Nespresso Machine

AirPods Pro // Sarah Flint Shoes

Hotel Lobby Candle

I think I can be kind of a candle snob, but with good reason – I’m super sensitive to scents! Often, I’ll light a candle and get a headache almost immediately from the smell. I don’t have this issue at all with Hotel Lobby candles, which makes them absolutely worth the money to me, no question. Their scent is also really complex and deep, which I love, and rich without being overwhelming. It’s just a really great candle, all around.

ChappyWrap Blanket

I know I’ve shared my love of ChappyWraps many times, but this round up just wouldn’t be complete without them. They are just so soft and cozy – perfect for sleeping or napping (I use mine in bed every night). It’s not fuzzy like a fleece blanket, but still super soft (and I am very particular about texture). They don’t pill after you wash them, either, which is great.

Also – ChappyWrap sent me + my sister blankets last month so that they could highlight us on their Instagram for Disability (Employment) Awareness Month. It may seem silly, but I love supporting brands like this, and I hope that you do, too.

Lake Pajamas

Probably more than anything else on this list, I was skeptical about these pajamas. Everyone who shared them raved about them, but I wasn’t convinced they could really be as good as everyone said. But honestly… they are. They’re so comfortable, and substantial enough that they hold up well and don’t get worn out as quickly as others that I’ve tried. I have basically replaced all of my old pajamas with these – they’re that good.

Nespresso Machine

I truly use my Nespresso each and every single day. I don’t think it’s quiiiiite as good as a cappuccino from a coffee shop, but it’s the closest that I’ve ever gotten at home! I love that I can customize the drink – the temperature of the espresso, the amount of foam in my drink (“wet” vs. “dry). And because it’s a pod-based machine, it’s super easy and fast to make. I’ve appreciated it more than ever now that I’ve been working from home – I don’t know what I’d do without it.

Nap Dress

No one who follows me on Instagram will be surprised by this… I feel like I find myself reaching for a Nap Dress more and more often. Obviously, I think they’re cute, but I also really love how (near) universal they are. They’re not technically adaptive dresses, but – with the smocking, the pull-on style of the dress, and silhouette in general – they can work with so many different body types, disabled included. It’s exciting when I can actually take part in a style trend. And did I mention that they’re so cute?!

AirPods Pro

I have tried every generation of AirPods that Apple has made, and the Pros are my favorite. They have all the functionality of the regular AirPods, plus noise cancellation (which can be turned on and off). I also love that there are silicone tips on the parts that go inside your ears – it’s so much more comfortable for me. And since I have Apple-everything, the way they can switch from device is just so smooth and easy.

I will note – I had an issue with my first pair, where one of the earbuds made a really high pitched squeaking noise.. and then the replacement didn’t hold a charge. But the Apple store was willing to replace them at no cost since they were less than a year old.

Sarah Flint Shoes

These are definitely a splurge, but if they’re within your budget, I highly recommend them! I have the Natalie flats, and they’re so comfortable. I know this might sound strange since I’m not actually walking, but it can be hard for me to find shoes that fit and that I can wear all day long, because my feet tend to swell by the end of the day. These shoes look really, really chic and are something that I can wear all day with no issues. For me, they’re absolutely worth the hype!

Don’t forget – you can use SARAHFLINT-BAHEATHERREPORT for $50 off your first pair!

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