My Christmas Wishlist

Okay, so I want to start this off by saying that this is a dream Christmas wishlist, and not in any way a realistic one. But sometimes it’s fun to dream a little bit, right? Here’s what I’d love to get for Christmas if money was no object.

Product collage with my Christmas wishlist: personalized notecard stationary, travel mag-safe charger, hunter green Coach bag, Santal 33 perfume, small diamond stud necklace, Miele espresso machine, MZ Wallace Crosby Traveler bag, black suede gold embellished Sarah Flint flats.

Personalized Stationary // Travel Charger // Green Mini Bag

Santal 33 Perfume // Diamond Necklace // Espresso Machine

MZ Wallace Crosby Traveler // Sarah Flint Gold Accent Shoes

Grace shared this espresso machine on her Instagram story over the weekend and I instantly added it to my mental wishlist – I’m always here for a new fancy at-home coffee machine! I also saw this machine make a small cameo in a recent Gossip Girl episode, which obviously made me want it even more. It’s definitely pricey, but a girl can dream!

Since I just came back from a trip to New York recently, I have travel on my mind. This charger is great for on-the-go; it charges two devices at once and has the “mag safe” technology that makes your phone snap into place on the charging pad. I also have my eye on this Crosby bag from MZ Wallace. I love the size – it fits under an airplane seat, but still fits a lot – and the number of POCKETS that it has. So many pockets!

I haven’t been wearing perfume much lately since I’m largely at home all the time, but I got a sample of this perfume earlier this year and really love it. This diamond necklace is so pretty and subtle, but adds just the perfect little amount of shimmer and shine. I’m obviously a huge fan of Sarah Flint shoes, but I think that this pair with the gold accent makes them extra special (don’t forget – SARAHFLINT-BAHEATHERREPORT gets you $50 off your first pair).

I am finishing up my current stationary right now, but once it’s gone, I’d love to use this set (which, full disclosure, is another recommendation from Grace!). And finally… the gift that I actually bought myself over the weekend, because it had been on my wishlist for a while! This hunter green bag is so chic, and I think it is the perfect little pop of deep color for winter.

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