A Different Kind of Christmas

For the first year ever, my family decided to travel for Christmas, and we spent almost a week in Washington, DC at the most gorgeously decorated hotel I’ve ever been to!

First – I want to start by saying that we didn’t take this trip recklessly. I’ll do more of an overall “trip recap” in another post, but I want to be clear an upfront about this because of how important health and safety are to me. We drove, and spent a lot of the time either in our hotel or doing outdoor activities. So for us, there wasn’t much more risk than there would’ve been for us staying home.

We realized sometime in the fall (even before this latest surge) that Christmas this year wasn’t going to be back to “normal.” And so once that was clear, we started to think about what we wanted to do and how we wanted to celebrate the holidays. We decided that this might be the perfect year to get away for the holidays. If we weren’t going to feel safe enough to gather with friends and family, why not at least get a change of scenery?

So we decided to go back to DC and stay at The Willard – and I’m really glad that we did! While it was definitely a different way to spend the holiday, I loved being somewhere different while still getting some time to stay in and be cozy. The hotel was beautifully decorated, and they really did make it feel like Christmas!

It might not have been a traditional Christmas, but it was lots of fun, and was a great way for us to spend the holidays while also staying safe.

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