Friday Favorites

Okay honestly, I feel like a kid counting down the days to Christmas vacation right about now! I think I’m just feeling super burnt out an overwhelmed and am really looking forward to some time off. The biggest perk of where I work is “Winter Recess,” which means that the university is closed between Christmas and New Years, and I don’t have to use any vacation days during that time. I’m really, really excited about that this year.

Also – the deer are back to visiting each night! It brings me the MOST joy to say hi to them as they have a little snack in our backyard.

Six deer are grazing in Heather's backyard.

For now, though, here are this week’s favorites.

Olivia Rodrigo Tiny Desk Concert

Love her, love the choice of the DMV for a filming location, love the songs she sang. Her voice really is just so unique, and I love her songs as storytelling style of music. The piano and vocals only version of Drivers License was both pretty and haunting, and I like how she mixed up the performance styles of her songs.

Padded Rhinestone Headband

I’m not really a headband person, but around the holidays especially I find myself wanting all things shiny and sparkly. Liz Lidgett shared this padded rhinestone headband last weekend on Instagram and I just couldn’t resist. I think it’ll look so cute for Christmas and New Years… or really, any time I want to feel a little bit like royalty!

When Seeking Care Feels Like A Job

Wow, can I relate to this Teen Vogue article about the complicated, burdensome, exhausting task that seeking healthcare can be for disabled and chronically ill people. I don’t think many people appreciate how time consuming it can be – many days, calling it a second job really does feel appropriate. The system really does need so much work.

Disability Holiday Gift Guide

Every year, Emily Ladau puts together a gift guide with business owned by disabled people, book suggestions by disabled authors, and organizations to donate to. It’s a great list and I highly recommend that you check it out for any shopping you have left to do!

Zip Up Puffer Poncho

I shared this zip up puffer poncho on my Instagram earlier this week because I was so excited when I came across it! I love it because it’s, in my opinion, a great example of universal fashion design – something that’s “adaptive” without being labeled as such. Winter jackets are almost impossible for me to wear – I can’t get it on or off easily, and I cant move around while I’m wearing it. A puffer poncho solves those issues AND is warm. Genius! I got the green color because I don’t trust myself not to spill on the white, ha!

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