Friday Favorites

Happy, happy Friday. This is my last day of work until 2022 and I’m really excited. I just have been feeling burnt out and overwhelmed and am really, really looking forward to having some time off to recharge and relax and recover before the new year. I hope that you all get to do some of the same, too.

And now – on to this week’s favorites.

Selma Blair and James LeBrecht

This conversation between Selma Blair and James LeBrecht about living with a disability and disability representation in the media is just amazing. It’s so great to see how vocal Selma Blair has been about disability since her MS diagnosis – it’s much needed. Definitely give this a read.

Keep Being Amazing Crewneck

These are from “Change Cadet,” AKA Dr. Akilah Cadet (the Akilah of the Nap Dress). The message is a great one – she describes it as: “a reminder that no matter what life throws at us, we find ways to persevere and that is amazing.” It’s on sale, and proceeds support the public and social media anti-racism education provided by Dr. Cadet. Now that’s amazing!

Jennifer Aniston Interview

Another really great interview. I love how direct Jennifer Aniston is about her life and her experiences. It was especially interesting to hear her thoughts on filming the Friends reunion, after everything that’s happened to her since the show ended.

RBG Sweatshirt

I’ve seen this sweatshirt on so many of my Instagram favorites, but it’s a limited edition piece so it’s not always available. I love the homage it pays to RBG in a subtle, chic way. It’d make a great gift, too!

Ways to Help Tornado Victims

This article rounds up a few different organizations, locally and nationally, that are helping the victims of the tornados in Kentucky. Having your property damaged is always a devastating thing, but having it happen around the holidays is even more so. If you’re able, please consider making a donation.

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