Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Somehow, we’ve already reached the end of my gift guides for this year – I’m really not sure how it’s already mid-December. I thought it’d be good to end with some stocking stuffers. These would also work as smaller hostess gifts or even Secret Santa/White Elephant gifts for a gift exchange.

A product collage for "Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers" with: mindfulness cards, wood dangle earrings, fuzzy socks, a pollinator push garden, personalized pet necklace, a hygge card game, coffee break candle, gratitude journal, mini set from Rare Beauty, Bombas socks, Lavender Noshinko hand sanitizer, a mini facial roller, and Andy Warhol magnets.

Mindfulness Cards // Dangle Earrings // Fuzzy Socks // Push Garden // Pet Necklace

Hygge Game // Candle // Gratitude Journal // Mini Beauty Set

Bombas Socks // Lavender Hand Sanitizer // Mini Face Roller // Warhol Magnets

I love opening my stocking on Christmas morning because it’s always such a fun surprise – you never know what might be tucked away inside it! So I’m sharing some things that I’d love to find in my own stocking. My feet are always cold, so I love a good pair of socks. These fuzzy ones look so warm and soft, and I’m a huge fan of Bombas socks, too. As a bonus, socks are super easy to squish up and fit inside a stocking! Hand sanitizer is a very important part of life right now (and something that I’ve always had on hand for years), and I love how chic these are – they’d fit inside a purse or pocket so easily. This mini sized facial roller is a fun little luxury, and is small enough to be travel-sized, too. I love a good beauty setthis one from Rare Beauty has a great mix of products to have some fun with.

My stocking usually has a piece of jewelry in it. These personalized pet necklaces are so cool and unique! I also love these wooden dangly earrings made from reclaimed wood – a great sustainable gift. This candle makes me laugh – I would love to pull this out of my stocking! These card “games” look like fun – the hygge one seems perfect for a night in with friends or family, and the mindfulness one is something that’s great to do on your own and reflect. And this gratitude journal is similar, too – when I’m feeling just blah and overwhelmed, focusing on gratitude really helps pull me out of it. I love the idea of a gratitude journal, forcing you to write it down and really focus on it. These Warhol magnets are super fun for anyone who loves art. And I love the idea of a pollinator push garden – a super easy way to plant flowers that attract hummingbirds/bees/butterflies!

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