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I try really, really hard not to buy things just so that I can post about them here – not only would that be super expensive, but it’d also be wasteful, and my recommendations wouldn’t really be trustworthy. So while I might not post new outfits every week, just know that when I do post something new, it means that I really love it.

Back in middle school, my friends and I would talk about whether we were a “shoe person” or a “purse person.” (It really makes me laugh to think about this now… we shopped at Claire’s and Limited Too. We were neither.) But even then, I called myself a purse person. Maybe it’s because it’s a challenge for me to find shoes that fit well, or maybe it’s just who I am, but I’ve always been drawn to a beautiful bag!

But I also have veeeeery specific requirements when it comes to the purses that I use. It has to have a short enough handle / strap that I can hang it off my wheelchair controller without it hanging down too low, not be too big that it hits my knees when it’s hanging there, and have a thin enough handle that it doesn’t interfere when I actually use my controller to drive my chair. This sounds simple enough, but actually is pretty limiting. And then, of course, it has to fit my style, too – so even more limiting.

Heather, a white woman in a power wheelchair, is wearing a black sweater dress. She has a small hunter green purse hanging from her wheelchair controller and is wearing sage green suede Sarah Flint flats. Her brown hair is wavy and she's outside on her patio.

Which is why I got so excited when I found this bag from Coach. It’s funny, because I haven’t shopped at Coach in years… maybe not since high school? But they have some great, really classic looking bags right now and this one caught my eye. It’s definitely on the mini side of sizing (though my iPhone Pro Max fits in it, so it’s not too mini), but it’s the absolute perfect size for hanging from my wheelchair controller while still being able to fit all my essentials plus a little more. I also love how many pockets it has! It has zip pockets, slip pockets, a front pocket – I love purses that have organization built right into them. I bought it in this really pretty, deep hunter green color, which is sadly now sold out, but it is still available in the classic and chic black.

Heather is in the same outfit, but is holding her purse in her hands resting on one knee.

I also love a good sweater dress during the winter – it’s warm and comfortable but still looks put together. Mine is old, but this black sweater dress is really similar and is a classic – it will go with anything, and will look good for years to come. The v-neck isn’t too low, and the ribbing of the dress adds a little detail to an otherwise simple dress.

A close up of the bag and the shoes.

And now that I’ve found shoes that fit me well, too, I can be a purse person and a shoe person. I thought that it’d be fun to be a little matchy with my shoes and bag – I didn’t want them to be the exact same color, so I went with shades of green. These suede flats from Sarah Flint are a lighter shade of green than the bag, but they tie the look together perfectly. And I still can’t get over how comfortable they are! I’m wearing them with bare legs here, but they work with tights for the winter, too. I just love everything about this look!

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