Friday Favorites

The first week back after a long break is always rough – it was only a four day week for me, but it felt very, very long! When I’m off for an extended period of time, I revert to what I call my “college” schedule – staying up very late, and sleeping in very late, too. So it was a rude awakening when my alarm went off on Tuesday morning, but here we are now on Friday – I’ve made it through.

I was supposed to see Oklahoma! at The Benedum this weekend, but with the explosion of COVID cases from Omicron, it just doesn’t seem like a wise decision for me. It’s a bummer, and frustrating, to be navigating these situations almost two full years later, but I’m trying to lean into having a cozy, relaxing weekend at home. It’s all I can do at this point.

And now, on to the favorites.

2022 Shows To Look Forward To

There’s soooo much good TV coming to our screens in 2022! The new season of Search Party is actually out today, and I’m really looking forward to As We See It, a show by the creator of Parenthood and Friday Night Lights about, and starring, 20-something autistic roommates. And a new season of Mrs. Maisel! I’m here for all of it.

Madewell Bow Sweater on Sale

I’ve had my eye on this boxy, bow-detail sweater from Madewell for a while now, and it’s on sale for an extra 40% off with code CLASSIFIED, which is an amazing deal. The sizes are a bit limited now, but I was able to get it in my size and can’t wait for it to get here. (There are a lot of other great things included in the extra 40% off sale, too!)


Have you heard of Wordle?? A friend mentioned it to me earlier this week, and now it seems like EVERYONE is playing! It’s a word game where you have six tries to guess the word. It’s such a fun little thing to look forward to every day.

Best Moments from the Harry Potter Reunion

I watched the Harry Potter reunion special on New Year’s Day, and it was a really nice, nostalgic way to start the new year! I still have my issues with J.K. Rowling’s transphobia, but she is barely in this at all – it’s really about the cast and the movies, and the world they created. It just gave me such warm fuzzies.

Big Ben Breakfast Tea

I found this new-to-me tea in my Advent calendar from Palais des Thes and it was an instant favorite. I obviously love coffee, but at night in the winter, sometimes I just really love a warm cup of tea. This one isn’t anything fancy, but is just delicious.

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