Friday Favorites

It has been a WEEK for me. We found out on Monday that my caregiver had been in direct contact with someone who tested positive for COVID. Luckily, we hadn’t seen her since before the contact happened, but of course she couldn’t work until she’d be tested five days post-exposure. Happily, she’s tested negative and will be back next week, but it put my plans for the week into a bit of a tailspin. With cases as high as they are, I’m not surprised that it happened, but it was still a lot! I’m definitely looking forward to relaxing over the weekend.

On to this week’s favorites.

Interview with the Author of Olga Dies Dreaming

I’ll have a review up of Olga Dies Dreaming at the end of the month, but I will say now that the book was incredible, and I already think it’ll make my “best of 2022” list. This is a great interview about the book, culture, and resilience. And make sure you read the book, too!

Delicate Catbird Ring

This is silly, but I’ve decided that I want to start wearing more rings! I love jewelry but have never really been a ring person. I want to start small, so this delicate, simple ring from Catbird seems like the perfect way to go.

“The Music Man” had a Disabled Character

Apparently, in early drafts of the musical “The Music Man,” the story focused around a disabled boy in a wheelchair and the town’s mistreatment of him. I was shocked to learn this – that’s so rare even NOW, much less back in the 1950s. It’s really interesting to read about the evolution and how the stigma around disability forced the change… and, honestly, how little disabled representation on stage has come since.

Grace Atwood Collection at ChappyWrap

Grace Atwood is one of my absolute favorite people to follow online, and it’s no secret that ChappyWrap makes my favorite blankets, so this collection was an absolute highlight for me! I ordered the Cabana (emerald stripes) and cannot wait to use it. I love when my favorites team up!

Sarah Flint Semi-Annual Sale

The Sarah Flint semi-annual sale ends today! My brand ambassador code won’t work on sale shoes (I won’t get “credit” for you purchases), but it’s such a great deal that I think you should shop it anyway. The shoes are SO comfortable and really, the ones I find myself wearing over and over. But the shoes are final sale, so make sure you look at the sizing chart carefully!

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