Friday Favorites

I am definitely feeling the typical end of January struggle right now – with the snow, the cold, and the continuing pandemic, it is just all feeling like a lot right now! But you were all my bright light this week – your replies to this post (and on Instagram) were so kind and supportive. It might sound silly, but it really did help lift my mood!

I have another uneventful weekend coming up – it is supposed to be COLD here this weekend, like around 0 degrees, so I’m not at all upset to be staying in and staying warm.

Now on to this week’s favorites!

Masking at the Supreme Court

Okay, so calling this a favorite isn’t really accurate – it really made me rage. Justice Gorsuch refused to wear a mask during oral arguments, so Justice Sotomayor, who has diabetes, had to call in to the proceedings. I saw someone post on Twitter that this story is basically a microcosm of the whole pandemic – disabled people being forced to inconvenience ourselves and go out of our way because other people refuse to take basic precautions to protect everyone’s health. Honestly, to me, it’s so disrespectful and offensive and just really is the epitome of how I’ve felt over the last two years.

Noodle and the No Bones Day

In MUCH happier news – Noodle the pug is getting his own children’s book! It’ll be released this summer and I will be buying it for all of my friends with kids. I had a pug growing up so I have an extra soft spot for Noodle, and the message of the book seems really sweet, too.

Free At-Home COVID Tests

You can now order free at-home COVID tests through the government (four per household). I kind of feel like this is the bare minimum that we can do right now, but still – absolutely order your tests!! With such wide spread right now, it’s absolutely better to be prepared and be able to test when you need to. It’s super easy to order, but note – it’s very important to remember that the limit is four per HOUSEHOLD, not per person.

Nécessaire Deodorant Gel

I saw that Nécessaire came out with a new deodorant gel earlier this week, and I’m really intrigued! I use – and love – a “serumdeodorant from Kosas, but my one issue is that the rollerball gets stuck sometimes, so I’m curious if Nécessaire’s version has this issue! The ingredient lists look pretty similar so I might give it I try.

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