Friday Favorites

Honestly – I’m feeling pretty stuck in a rut right now. I know that this is not the first week that I’ve said I felt this way, and I know that it will get better when things get warmer and I’m able to get out and about again! I’m doing my best to reframe things in my mind – I get to stay inside when it’s so cold out, not that I have to stay inside – but sometimes it’s still frustrating!

Anyway – on to this week’s favorites.

How Fashion TikTok Changed My Disability Narrative

I started following April Lockhart last year when she worked with Hill House, showing off their new collections. She was born with a limb difference, and it was so important to be that Hill House was using diabled models / influencers. Earlier this year, April started a series on TikTok (and Instagram, where I follow her) showing off her daily looks as a way of, as she called it, “normalizing disabled fashun girlies in your feed.” It’s incredible (as are the songs she picks for each post). And she wrote a really insightful article for Byrdie about her thoughts behind it. Definitely go read!!

Naadam Archive Sale

I’ve always wanted to try Naadam cashmere – they got me with their ads! They’re having an archive sale right now with some really amazing prices. There are SO many good things to choose from, but I especially love this cashmere hoodie and this teddy quarter zip.

How Jen Psaki Gets It Done

I’ve shared New York Magazine’s “How I Get It Done” series before, because I always think it’s so fascinating to hear about other people’s jobs and lives and how they spend their days. I especially loved this one from Jen Psaki, the current White House Press Secretary. Her job sounds fascinating (… and terrifying), but it’s really interesting to learn more about her passions and how she works with her team.

Sarah Flint Gold Sacchetto Flats

Sarah flint released these gorgeous flats earlier this week – I love the metallic leather and the shiny fabric detailing at the cap toe! Since I can’t really wear heels, having options of flats that area comfortable but also stylish and dressy is so, so important to me, and Sarah Flint truly delivers.

Don’t forget! You can use SARAHFLINT-BAHEATHERREPORT for $50 off your first pair of Sarah Flint shoes.

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