Put a Bow on It

It’s that time of year where I basically find myself reaching for a different cozy sweater every day. When it’s cold, and especially when it’s cozy, all I want is to be comfy and warm. I tend to stick with styles and patterns that are more classic – a solid color or a pattern like leopard print – things that won’t go in and out of style.

I’m not usually into things that are too cutesy or embellished, but something about this bow-accented sweater caught my eye, and now it’s a permanent addition in the sweater rotation. (It also comes in plus size!)

Heather, a white woman in a power wheelchair, is wearing a heathered cream colored sweater with small black bows scattered across the sweater. Her brown hair is loosely curled, and she's outside on her patio with her backyard behind her.

How cute are the bow accents? I think they’re just right – they’re subtle, and just enough to add a little bit of fun to the sweater. From far away, I don’t even think you can tell that they’re bows, so it’s a fun little surprise when you get closer up. It’s the perfect mix of classic and cute, and I love it. Basically, it’s just the right amount of unexpected whimsy for me!

And honestly – I feel like I need my outfits to have a little bit of fun right now! I’m getting dressed for me, because it makes me feel better, and I want the clothes I’m wearing to make me happy and lift my spirits, not add to the monotony of my life right now. So if bows on my sweater bring me joy, I’m going to go for it.

Heather is wearing the same sweater, but this time is sitting behind a table on her patio and has a Starbucks holiday cup resting on the table and in her hands.

And as a bonus, the sweater is so incredibly comfortable. It’s more lightweight than I was expecting, but almost silky soft, and still warm. The fit is also great – it’s boxy, and swingy, and relaxed without being too loose or slouchy. It’s absolutely perfect for me sitting – boxy things just lay really well on me because the work with the shape of me and my wheelchair. But of course – it would work for you even if you’re not sitting all day! I think it’s versatile enough to be worn with leggings, jeans, or even a skirt – it’d be SO cute with a faux leather pleated skirt like this one.

You can take this post as your sign to buy – and wear – whatever is bringing you joy right now. If you love bows like me, this sweater is a great choice.

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