What I’ve Been Watching

December and January were pretty heavy TV watching months for me! It has been so cold, and since I’ve been spending basically all of my time at home, I’ve had lots of time to watch TV. Since I figure there are a few of you in the same boat as me – hibernating inside – it seems like a good time to share in case any of you are looking for something good to watch.

Yellowjackets (Showtime)

This show is SO good. Dark – but so good. My friend described it to me as Lord of the Flies set in the 90s – a high school girls soccer team is involved in a plane crash, and they have to fend for themselves to survive. The show flashes between them on the island and them in present day, showing how their time after the crash affected their lives for years to come. I’m so impressed by how well they paired the high school actresses and the adult actresses – they really nailed the mannerisms of each character. The show is definitely dark and brutal at times, so be warned, but I already can’t wait for season two.

Queer Eye (Netflix)

This is maybe the opposite of Yellowjackets – Queer Eye is about as heartwarming as you can get. It’s just the right kind of show to lift our spirits right now. I love that the Fab Five don’t just do surface things – they meet people where they are, treat them with extreme kindness and compassion, and help push people just a little bit outside their comfort zone without ever making them do anything they’re not comfortable with. It’s a quick binge but will leave you feeling better about the world.

Encanto (Disney Plus)

As a fan of Disney and Lin-Manuel Miranda, it is no surprise that I also loved Encanto. I know that “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is now TikTok famous, but the entire soundtrack is amazing, and will having you humming along. I really like the actual plot of the movie too – it’s about a family where each member has some sort of special, magical gift… except Mirabel, who is “normal.” It’s a really touching story about family, fitting in (and feeling left out), pressure, and the need to rely on each other.

Babysitters Club (Netflix)

I actually have another post related to this show coming out later this week, but I had to include it here, too. I think it’s technically for kids or young adults, but I think it’s something that everyone should be watching. I loved the Babysitter’s Club books growing up (and the movie, too), and this is an updated take on the series. I’m continually impressed with how well they handle really deep, meaningful, and complex issues in a direct way.

Emily in Paris (Netflix)

This is a light, fluffy show but it’s the perfect thing to lose yourself in for a weekend. The scenery is all so gorgeous, and the fashion is truly out of this world (sometimes a little too far out of the world, but it’s still fun!). Season two has Emily in the midst of a love triangle and continuing to adjust to her life in Paris, and also gives more air time to Mindy, which I love.

A Discovery of Witches (Prime)

Okay, so I think this show is kind of like a less steamy Outlander, with a little bit of magic thrown in, too. I can’t say that it’s the absolute best show ever, but it’s strangely addicting and really pulled me in. It has witches, vampires, and demons, some time traveling, and my personal favorite part, which is romance involving Matthew Goode.

Saved by the Bell (Peacock)

I love the original Saved by the Bell, and I was kind of afraid to watch the reboot – I didn’t want it to ruin my memories of the original. But I decided to give it a try to recently and I’m actually impressed! It’s surprisingly funny, and I also love the references to the original Saved by the Bell. Plus – they have a trans character played by a trans actress, and it’s done in a really authentic way. I finished season one and am excited that I still have another to watch.

Tick, Tick… Boom! (Netflix)

One more Lin-Manuel Miranda show on the list! This is the movie musical of the show written by Jonathan Larson, who later went on to write Rent. You can definitely hear some Rent-like references in the music, Andrew Garfield is perfect in the lead role, and there’s so many fun musical theater “Easter eggs” scattered throughout the film. Highly recommend!

What have you watched lately?

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