Elevating a Basic

I don’t know if it’s just me, or if any of you feel this way too, but when I get dressed each morning now, I focus on comfort. I think that my tolerance for anything too tight and even slightly uncomfortable has dropped significantly over the last two years – I value it more than ever. But of course – I still want to play around with style and wear something cute, too!

Heather, a white woman in a power wheelchair, is wearing a black sweatshirt with a Peter Pan collar. Her long brown hair is down and straight, with half of it behind one shoulder. She's inside with her deck seen behind her through a glass door.

Which is why this collared sweatshirt is quickly making it to my list of favorites. It’s basically the best of both worlds! It’s a sweatshirt, so it’s obviously comfortable. It’s nothing fancy, but a great basic – it’s not too thick, so it wears more like a regular top than a bulky extra layer. But then!! You have the super cute collar. It’s just such a fun extra detail on a staple like a sweatshirt.

And it actually really does elevate the sweatshirt! I was surprised by how much more put together it made the whole thing look. Two of my coworkers actually commented on a Zoom call on how nice I looked, and they were shocked when I told them my top was a sweatshirt. (I know that this story sounds made up for this post, but it’s actually true!)

I really love the color of it – the black makes it feel super classic to me, and dresses it up just a little bit more. If you’re into lighter colors, though, it also comes in a really light beige. And the sleeves also have just the littlest bit of volume in them before they taper off and tighten at the wrist, which just complements the collar so well. It’s the perfect combination of style and comfort.

Heather is wearing the same sweatshirt and posing in the same place, but has added a feminine, black and gold plaid patterned long "lavalliere" bow tie.

And there’s one more fun little thing, too – maybe my favorite part. I’ve talked about Knotzland before – one of my favorite Pittsburgh companies that makes sustainable, slow fashion – specifically bow ties, though they’ve branched out too. Recently they launched lavallieres – basically, fancy, feminine bow ties. So I figured… why not take my look up another notch? And I love it! I know you might not necessarily think that a sweatshirt and fancy bow tie would look good together, but it’s just a perfect combination.

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