Friday Favorites

Happy FEBRUARY (yes – I know that we’re already a few days into the month). January felt SO long and dreary, and I’m majorly crossing my fingers that February goes by a little more quickly. Other than that, it’s been a pretty uneventful week (at least as of Thursday night when I’m writing this). We’re projected to get between a quarter and half inch of ice between Thursday night and Friday… it’s strange to write this, know that it will have already be in the past by the time you read this! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we don’t lose power – so many of the things I use each day (breathing machines, feeding tube pump, wheelchair charger) use power, not to mention our elevator that lets me get around the house! So it’s always stressful when there’s a chance of losing power.

Anyway – on to this week’s favorites. I spent a lot of time doing online browsing this week, so this week’s favorites are all shopping ones!

New Hill House Drop

Hill House released their new collection with new patterns this week! This deep green moody floral is so pretty. I know that lots of things sold out quickly, but the classic Ellie style still has all sizes available in both moody floral and pond floral.

Open Front Cashmere Cardigan

This is definitely a splurge, but I love the waterfall drape on this cashmere cardigan. They describe the cashmere as “heavenly soft,” which sounds incredible to me And this blue color is just gorgeous.

ChappyWrap Pillow Covers

It was an exciting week for new collections from my favorite brands – ChappyWrap launched their new pillow covers! Do I need these? Probably not. Do I want soft pillow covers to match my favorite blanket? Absolutely!

Tiger House Shoe

I love these red, tiger embellished house shoes that Sarah Flint released for Lunar New Year! It’s such a special shoe, and considering that I spend the vast majority of my time at home not wearing real shoes, they seem like the perfect solution!

You can use my code SARAHFLINT-BAHEATHERREPORT for $50 off your first pair of these or any other Sarah Flint shoes!

T3 Blow Dryer on Sale

My old blow dryer died mid-blow dry earlier this week, which is how it always seems to happen. It really held on for quite a while (and even survived being melted by a curling iron that was placed too nearby…). I went to replace it and found that this newer version has a great deal for the midnight blue color! I love my T3 dryers – have for years – so this is a great deal to take advantage of.

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