Friday Favorites

The brightest spot about this week has been watching the sun set a little bit later and later each day! I’m writing this at 6 PM and it’s not quite fully dark out yet – it gives me hope that spring is on it’s way. this week was somehow both a blur AND extremely long?! I can’t explain it, but that’s just how it feels right now.

On to this week’s favorites!

Nathan Chen’s Free Skate

Nathan Chen’s free skate routine was just INCREDIBLE. His win is so deserved – it was so amazing to watch and it gave me chills! The music and choreography were amazing, and you can see the absolute joy on his face by the end, too. Just wonderful all around!

Shopbop on Sale

Shopbop has A LOT of cute things on sale right now. I picked up this dress, and had about 100 other tabs open with things that I liked, too.

Babysitter’s Club Humor

Since I watched (and loved) the Netflix version of the Babysitter’s Club recently, I really appreciated this article about “How Likely They Are to Start a True Crime Podcast.” They just nailed it!

I Am Golden by Eva Chen

I always buy my friends’ kids Eva Chen’s books – I think she does a great job making fun and diverse books for kids! Her newest book is all about self-love and identity and I know I’ll be gifting it to many people.

Sorel Adaptive Bootie

I love that more brands are getting in on the adaptive shoe game! These Sorel booties have a zip up the back to make them easier to get on and off, but honestly, I think that’s a great feature for anyone, mobility needs or not! Plus, they’re super cute!

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