Life Lately, February 2022

This is probably not going to be the most exciting Life Lately post – a lot of this past month was still spent at home without doing much other than eat, work, sleep, repeat. But I did get to do a few fun and different things that deserve a post, so here we are.

First! I finally left the house. I know this sounds absurd, but I realized that going to Drybar to get a blowout was the first time that I’d gone anywhere since getting back from my trip to DC at the end of December. It felt great to feel safe enough to be able to go somewhere again, and of course I felt great after my blowout, too. I had to give away a few tickets to touring musical theater shows at the Benedum because it didn’t feel safe enough for me to go, so this felt like a milestone.

I’ve had a few different virtual trainings and presentations, too, which has been exciting. I don’t know if I’ve ever shared here that I actually really enjoy doing public speaking! Presentations, panels, more laid back discussions – I love them all. I think it’s because I love the connections that I’ve been able to make from them and the community that I’ve been able to find and build. It’s so important to me. This was my virtual panelist setup for a discussion about infrastructure in Pittsburgh, and it was a really great talk. I’ll post the recording when it’s finished, too.

The rest of the month has been hanging out at home, still – you can see that Simba and I are both big ChappyWrap fans for ultimate coziness (mine is sold out but this colorway is very similar!). I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this time next month I can share a little more of an exciting post, but that’s it for now.

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