The Best Cashmere Cardigan

I’ve mentioned this before, but in the winter, cashmere is my go-to lifesaver. I wear it all the time because it’s both super warm and super lightweight, so I stay cozy and I don’t have to struggle to lift my arms and reach things like I do in some of my bulkier sweaters. And of course, even if you don’t have mobility issues – you can’t go wrong with cashmere because it is so, so soft. It just feels so nice to wear – like you’re wrapped in luxury!

I’ve tried lots and lots of different brands and styles of cashmere sweaters, and have compiled a mental list of my favorites over the years – ones that aren’t too thin, have sizes that actually fit me, and are (somewhat) affordable. This drape front cashmere cardigan that I’ve had for a few years now checks all those boxes.

Heather, a white woman in a power wheelchair, is wearing a heathered brown drape open front cashmere sweater over a black top and a pair of brown sunglasses. She's on her front porch, and a brick wall and window is behind her, as is a partially snow covered black porch table.

Cashmere cardigans are kind of my own replacement for a jacket – they’re warm, and I can layer still, but it’s not too bulky for me to wear inside too (since I can’t put things on and off by myself). This one is perfect because it looks good no matter what I pair it with – whether it’s over a dress, over a top and paired with a skirt, or even dressed down with a pair of leggings. It’s so versatile! And the drapey shape means that it looks great even while sitting – it just lays and flows so nicely.

Obviously, it’s cashmere, and extremely comfortable. I think the quality is pretty great, too – I’ve had mine for a few years now, and it still looks great. It doesn’t have any holes or snags or anything. And it doesn’t look worn out or faded, either. Since I definitely see this sweater as an “investment,” it’s important to me that it lasts – and this one definitely has.

I love it so much that I have it in multiple colors! I love this heathered brown color – it’s a neutral, but a little bit updated. As a bonus, it (along with a few other colors) is on super sale right now! They also have it in the classic colors – black, tan, and cream. It’s a great chance to pick up a basic that will keep you warm this winter and for many winters to come!

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